P80 Build

So I took my first P80 build out this weekend to give it a shot. It is based off the Glock 19 P80 frame. Ill add photos later because I’m at the real job right now and cant upload them.
So I ran into a problem with it. It will fire the round that chambers but then it is catching and not ejecting. When I say it is catching what I mean is that the lip of the round hangs on to the slide. I have to remove the mag and I can then just push down on the spent case and it will pop out.

So my though on fixing it would be to put some lapping compound on some snapcaps and work that though a bunch to see if that could work out tightness. From our more experienced smith does this seem like a good idea or do you have a better suggestion for me. Thanks in advance.


This is not a good idea at all
The lapping compound will keep grinding away and you will lose headspace and make your hun dangerous
Do not do this

How many rounds have been fired from this
Is this the first one you have built
What ammo was used
Was the feed ramp and chamber polished before installed


@Giantspeed. I only fired 4 rounds through it. This is the first p80 I have built. I used monarch brass 115 gr for the ammo. I did not polish the feed ramp and chamber. Is there a particular polishing paste I should use or just the polishing wheel by themselves. Ive been told different things when it comes to polishing feed ramps. With the chamber I haven’t done this before do I just pretty much go over everything side or is there a you tube video or anything like that you would suggest?


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Well first and foremost you have to break that gun in 4 rounds isn’t going to give you any real idea of what’s going on
500 rounds is the general break in time

Don’t polish a chamber or a feed ramp till you get some ammo through the pipe
Check the ramp and the chamber after you fire a few hundred to see the wear patterns


Has this pistol ejected any rounds? If not, I wonder if the ejector is missing the case or if the slide is short stroking.

What happens if you load just one round into the magazine? Does it get ejected and does the slide lock back on empty?


@Mosinvirus The pistol hasn’t ejected any rounds as of yet. It seems to just catch on the back of the slide and stick there.

With the talk I wonder too if maybe I just need to give it some more lube at least for the break in period and just lube the chamber really good. I did lube it but definitely not a lot just kind of a normal amount.


I am having a difficult time understanding what exactly is occurring.

You fire the gun, it sounds like the spent case is extracted out of the chamber, but is not ejected (thrown) out of the gun. Are you saying that the casing is still held by the extractor and when the slide returns home it puts it back into the chamber, or that the case escapes the extractor and gets caught between the ejection port of the slide and the barrel?

If you have a picture of how the case ends up caught by the slide or if you can explain what exactly is happening it would help understand what the issue may be.


@Mosinvirus I’m at work and I don’t have a picture of it but I will try and be more specific and if nothing else tonight I will try and recreate the error to take photos of.

The first time I fired the gun it had a full magazine and what happened was the rack locked open and the spent case was extracted out of the barrel but not thrown clear. So I removed the magazine and the spent round was still physically lodged in the chamber but the case rim. I can push down on the casing and it will drop out of the weapon then.

The next time I only loaded 1 round into the magazine, racked it, fired it, again frame stayed open with the round extracted out of the barrel but not thrown out of the weapon. I repeated the 1 round trial 2 more times with the same results.

I hope maybe that better explain what is going on.


Here are some photos of the weapon in general


Very neat, is that laser or acid etched or?


It was Cerakoted and the laser etched is what the company told me. The mag release and back plate were laser etched I know by a different company called Ndz


Just a general rule I follow when building is to make sure all the parts function together and then refinish a build
Just my .02


@Giantspeed I’m sorry I am not following your last comment? Could you please explain what you mean by making sure all parts function together and then refinish?

I used some snap caps and was able to recreate the error and took photos to try and help. Thanks again for the constructive criticism and help to figure out this issue.


What I meant was build a raw gun no finishing at all
Then build it
Make sure it functions then test fire one s it’s working properly then move in to lasers and cerakote

I work on guns for a living everyday and no part is ever drop in my friend
Every part has to be hand for in some fashion or another

It looks like to me your extraction tension is to tight
And your ejector isn’t engaging
Can you take a picture of the frame without the slide on it ?



Thanks for the advice. I wish I had the funds to be able to just have raw parts to build with at the current time that is just not something that I have available. I do agree with you that very few parts are “drop in” and hence why I am trying to reach out for guidance on possible solutions. I will get you some photos of the frame in a few minutes.


I didn’t know if you would want with the magazine in or not so I did some of both. Thank you again for the help.


Your gun doesnt have an ejector. None that I can see.

Here is what the ejector looks like. And what would force the case out of the slide.

No ejector = no ejection.

Did you remove yours?

Get a new trigger housing


It almost looks like the ejector was pulled out or just missing? What lower parts kit did you get?
I’ve built a few and figured out to lube the rails and cycle the slide til my arm is tired. After doing this my break in time low.


@Mosinvirus I think my lower parts kit actually came with two but in my either ignorance or excitement of this first build I think I missed installing it. @Bamajeepjunkie I used lone wolf for my lower parts kit and my barrel. They seemed to have a very good rep from what I can see. Thank you for the tip on breaking it in as well. When i get home from work I will double check to see if I just missed the ejector or if it didn’t come with it and go from there. Thanks again for everyone’s help.


That’s what I saw as well there is no ejector