Palmetto State Armory MP5 clones


What do you guys think? Will PSA make something decent like their AR15s or something “sub par”?



My hope is that they do it right, and keep the price lower than the competition!


Well all I will say is you get what you pay for
I wouldn’t rush out to get one right away
I’d say wait a bit and let some reviews come in


PSA is weird about this stuff, their premium line of AR15s are pretty good. There are full auto rental ranges running them hard and have nothing but good to say about them but then you look at their ptac line and its kind of shitty (imo) and their AKs from what ive heard are “sub par”.


It’s not a bad rifle for someone like me
I got mine pretty cheap but I had to make sure they had forged trunnions and a forged bolt
They have a line that doesn’t have them
It was just a barreled receiver and I had all my own shit to put in it
I think I paid 359 for it


Ive heard for the price Wasrs are a much better rifle. Ive never shot the PSA though so I cant judge too much.
With ARs their premium line is gtg from what ive seen and experienced, the ptac is damn near hesse level stuff.


Any combloc weapon is better than there’s
After the import ban I didn’t want to shoot my Russian guns all the time so I bought a cheap beater


Classic firearms had Wasrs for $500 a few months ago. Cant really beat that for a hard use rifle. PSAs premium line is the AR equivalent of that at about $50 more if you shop smart.


Not a real big fan of the Romanian guns and century in general for that matter
I’d rather spend my dollars else where


Like what @Giantspeed said I wouldn’t rush out to get one. They are taking their time releasing them so I hope they are doing them right. But im not wanting to be a test dummy for the first batch at my cost. Plus you know blems will be a few months later. Everything ar15 wise I’ve got from them has be GTG


It took PSA until their Gen2 PA10 to get a 308 that functioned reasonably well. Even then, there was a quality control issue. They may have been trying to do too much too fast and not getting the right people in place for new projects.


Good points


RobSki just finished the 5k round test mark with their AK, passed his testing, I’d buy one if I didn’t already have Zastavas from when you could buy them all day @390.

I like the idea of the MP5s but just can’t get past the competition out here today. I’d not want to be the PSA beta tester unless I lived just down the street. Cool piece of kit though!