Parkerized or Blued finish for carry?


I carry a remington R1 and it starting to show some small rust spots and the blueing is worn. Should i just reblue the gun or parkerize it? Which is a more durable finish?


Touch up the blue.


Parkerizing is a more durable finish than bluing. However you might want to look into a black nitride finish. From H & M Metal processing I have found this finish to be the most superior finish I have run across to in years , I have well over 5000 rounds through the gun since it was refinished. And I have no signs of wear on the metal to metal services or any holster where. I highly recommend them.


I’d never considered nitride, ive also had a friend suggest cerakote.


Thatd probably be the easiest and cheapest option!


Nitrite then Cerakote it…
But I am biased about Cerakote. Hahhahhaa


I had one pistol finished with melonite (nitriding) by Burlington Engineering.

That was my one and only nitriding experience. Because the surface gets hardened and the black coat that forms is so freaking hard, i had the black finish chip off on edges when i was fitting the parts back together.

Yeah, the dimensions change by 0.0004" per surface which can translate to 0.0008 per part, for a total of 0.0016" possible interference, which doesnt seem like much, but i built my 1911 tight, and had to refit parts after finish.

And if you are coating the barrel the bore will get tighter too. And make sure that bore has no copper in it.

Just fyi.


I didn’t think they would coat the bore


Yup. That is why it has to be copper free. So clean that bore using a copper solvent.

@Detonics can confirm on his.

Oh, and because high temps are involved (~1100°) springs (think 1911 extractor) should not be treated, but some people do.


Are you planning to send it out or do it yourself?


I’m not sure yet, on one hand i need this done quickly. On the other, id like this to be done correctly. Seeing as this gun is used at work i may just try to reblue it myself. Can’t be too difficult, right?


As suggested above, touch up blue is fine and easy to do. Parkerizing is great because it retains oil better. But if you sweat a lot and the sweat gets on the gun, you need to wipe it down with oil more frequently either way.


My only problem with Cerakote is Everyone I have seen seems to wear the finish quickly. And FYI I’ll enclose a picture of what some “expert gunsmith“ Didrikson a customers gun when he Cerakoted it . :flushed:


Holy hell, how does something like that happen?


YouTube gunsmiths :rofl::joy:


Yeah… that is why you take it to a certified applicator… that actually has his certification posted on the wall… holy smokes…
I am one of 2 advanced Certified Cerakote applicators in the state of Montana… the stuff I see… hahahhahahha


guess it isn’t just SIGs that shrink…