Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv on gun rights



What the fuck is wrong with people? When did we as a society have this much violent hatefulness towards people who think differently? I wasn’t around then but something tells me those 60’s hippies started the downward spiral based on literature and elderly family member’s anecdotes. Please, someone who’s older than 70 chime in here, I’m genuinely curious as someone born in the late 70’s I don’t have any first hand knowledge of those decades.

Oh and…

No kid, you’re becoming a Libertarian. :wink:


Rise above the double standard Kyle. It takes time but a strong reasonable discussion in a soft calm voice will almost always change more minds than screaming vulgarities at someone you disagree with. PS; it also makes the screamers on the opposing side look like morons. :joy:


So here is my nutshell version of the way I recall this recent shift.

I’m only 63 (can you say only and 63 in the same sentence?) so I was only 12 in the “Summer of Love” and 14 during Woodstock. I don’t think I’d blame hippies so much (peace & love and all that) but that turned into the anti- Vietnam war movement. And why is that? Well in no small part because of the media. This is the first time we could see the war (almost) live. Moving pictures seem to get people more emotional than only the best stills. And the shift from “reporters” to anchors making opinion statements. Even those used to be labeled as such. Either at the end of a broadcast or in a segment like “point / counterpoint” where you got to hear from two sides.
Most of the hippies turned into fine Capitalists but the media continued to be more free with opinion and cherry picked facts. And the way to ratings is by getting people stirred up. So the farther left they went in a largely conservative post WWII world the more riled up people got on both sides and viewership went up. A lot of folks only eat whats fed to them and so as that leftist message spreads the students who feed on it then go on to teach it. So the education system that was about all viewpoints and thinking for yourself, becomes the bastion of one sided group think. That and the apocalypse that is CNN hit the stage. CNN and MSNBC contain virtually nothing but opinion. So calling them news is completely off base. Media yes. News No.
And with all that constant pushing to the left the right needs to make it voice heard. They do and Trump gets elected. Heads explode on the left and every one get splattered. And here we are.


I’m 56 and can remember watching Walter Cronkite on the news and couldn’t tell what his politics were. But now they wear their bias like a badge of honor.


I am in my early 60’s. I agree with mquinn55 and Jtr.

A few more observations: we went from 3 TV channels (NBC, CBS, ABC), to 4 (when Fox started), to who knows how many nowadays. With only 3 or 4 TV channels, I believe the news was pretty much just that - news. Very little, if any, commentary mixed in with the news. But, as more and more channels opened up, more commentary was offered, and most importantly, getting mixed in with the news.

We as a nation, started feeling more sensitive about what we said. It used to be that if we offended someone, we could apologize and that would pretty much be the end of it. Now, you can lose your job, get sued, and be made out as the latest horrible person for all the world to see (ahh, the power of modern media). So, as consequences for our choices of words grew exponentially, so did the sensitivity and the media backlash.

I think all this sensitivity has truly gotten out of control! Gee ! We all make mistakes, even use words we might regret later, but firing someone over poor choices of words? Really? Where will all this end?

Ok, I know, too much ranting and raving. But, we all do need to be careful as our rights - not just gun rights, but check out the Bill of Rights and see how many of them are being reduced or eliminated, or at least, threatened. My guess is about all of them.




although I believe she would win, I am not willing to bet my 2A rights on her (or anyone else, for that matter)


Amen. I’m not going to gamble away any of my Constitutional Freedoms or the Bill of Rights.

We already have those, and fought the army and navy of King George and others since to win and keep them. I’m not worried about a 17 year old socialist.