Part 1 of The Mossberg 500 Project is up on Full30

Hey guys so i started working on the Mossberg 500 Project i told you guys about. posted the first part of the Mini series up on the sight. I hope you guys like it.


Well done, I like the baggy idea to help not lose parts.

The 500 has a lot of upgrade options. A while back I was looking at a new receiver that would make it a mag fed. But at $500 I decided to pass on that. I pushed my 500 build to the limit just because I could, and it really pissed off a lot of uninformed gun haters.


@Tactical_Reviews Thanks Brother i appreciate that, i want to go a different route with this project, i am still brain storming as i rather make and modify parts to work with my build rather than buy right off the shelf. lets see how it turns out. i am excited to tell you the truth lol.
P.S. Nice looking set up you got there.

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Only thing I don’t like about the 500 is it’s a PITA to take apart and put back together. But the price and quality of the gun are will worth it.


Thanks for the video Hobby Gunsmith.
Looking forward to the next one.

I didn’t see any kitchen sink on your 500, Tactical Reviews.

With all the shotgun choices there are, I’ve never seen a reason to stray from the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 1100.