Passed down Hunting stories.

So my Dad had just moved back from AZ with my Mom and I was but an infant. Along with my 2 older sisters. So my Dad said he had purchased a new over under shotgun . A savage 20 gauge with a 22 mag on top. One fall day my dad decided to go for a squirrel hunt grabbed some shells and went up on the hill from his dads house for an afternoon hunt . His dad cut trees and sawed lumber for a living and as he walked through the woods he found were grandpa (his dad) had cut one set of a double oak tree off just about the right height to take a seat it was in the early afternoon . Dad said he was tired from the weeks work and as he was sitting he fell asleep with his shotgun across his legs . Dad said I was thinking in my dream man something stinks. He said it was so bad it woke him and when he opened his eyes it was then that he seen a red fox with its nose almost touching his . He said he jumped startled the fox who jumped and as the fox ran He swung the gun instinctively and pulled the trigger and killed the fox…He said he was pretty excited and after loading the gun again and going over to where the fox was he seen a squirrel and took a shot and killed it too. He said he gathered up the fox and then the squirrel and put them in his sack and was walking out when he was looking in the trees on the way out walking down an old logging road the trees below the side of the road and as it was coming on dark. He could see a raccoon in one of the trees so he loaded his shotgun and killed it too. He said his Dad couldnt hardly believe it when He brought all three of those to the house.
I have never pulled such a trifecta. I know the story is true because upon many occassions through the years Dad would tell the story to me . Each time I would listen as though I never heard it before. He would always start out … Dod I ever tell you One time I had my old shotgun…
I have since passed on this story to my kids. And even told it to some church folk I know that wouldnt doubt it.
P.S. I have that shotgun


Hell of a story, I can see repeating that one as well worth it :+1:


Thanks @Robert