Passing the Texas LTC Test With My Eyes Closed

Ever thought, “That’s so easy I could do it with my eyes closed.” I thought that about the Texas LTC test – so I passed the test with my eyes closed.

It’s not uncommon to hear people claim we need tests to make sure people can exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. They propose tests to make sure people are “fit” to own/carry a gun. They forget that these types of tests originate in disarming minorities, they failed to deny a license to the Pulse Night Club shooter, and they were used to deny Martin Luther King Jr a gun license. On top of all of that, these types of tests have very low standards. It’s pretty easy to pass all of them.

To prove that, I pass the Texas LTC shooting test from a holster with my eyes closed.

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Very cool, thanks for the demonstration.
Most carry permit firearms test are quite easy to pass.
Hope most permit holders realize it and get better training elsewhere.


A lot of them don’t - and a lot of people who have never taken the test also don’t realize it.

That’s why I made the video.


Reminded me a bit of Zatoichi, the blind swordsman:

Anyway, excellent article! When I took my LTC class, there was a young lady who had never shot a gun before. I thought for sure she wasn’t going to pass. She didn’t even know how to load a mag. But the instructor was patient and a good teacher and taught her as well as you can teach someone in such a short period of time. She passed, just as your article and video predicted she would.

But equally important is your comment about the exercise of the 2nd amendment. Your comment on gun control laws originally designed to be for certain minority groups was well articulated. I also thought your hypothetical comparison on needing a license for religion was brilliant.


Good instructors are worth more than their weight in gold.


at first I was going to tear you a new one for implying shooting without seeing a target / down range, but truth of the matter it is a good drill for target / sight visualization. This drill lends itself to hand eye coordination and sight alignment target imaging.


I did a lot of testing in dry fire and had precautions with my 4 spotters to ensure safety. I learned a bunch through my dry fire testing and will be doing a blog post/video about them.

The accuracy kinda speaks for itself in regards to safety.


I need to do more dry fire for sure. Just noticed your articles and videos on it. Also just subscribed to your newsletter. Some great info on your website.


A firearms enthusiast’s greatest tool for self improvement.



While I agree with this in almost every way
Some people are not responsible
And let’s face it we live in a world of irresponsible people
Training is not obtainable. For most folks unless they sacrifice and most can’t
My issue lies in who has four spotters during a home invasion
Who’s grabbing ear pro
Or taking a structured stance
Just a question not a slight


Not sure what point you’re trying to make or what the question is.

The spotters were there for safety reasons only and they didn’t provide any coaching at all. And eat pro is so I don’t go deaf.

This is to make a point - multiple points actually that were covered in the video. It has nothing to do with “this is how you handle a home invasion.” I’m honestly really confused about why you’re making that comparison.


At brianp

I think his comment is geared to a real world scenario where it is you, the gun and the target. we do not always have a range, or ROs and or safety spotters in place.
With that being said, being able to visualize your target, front sight placement and finally the rounds going where you want them is what we all want.
and it was not like you were doing a pistol pinata.

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Except he has an “issue” with those things he listed within the video. The point of the video was to point out shortcomings with CCW tests, not “this is how you shoot a home invader.” He even brought up ear pro - does that mean he has an issue with people wearing ear pro at the shooting range? Can we not go to ranges with ROs? I’m just really confused as to any relevance to the video or what point he is trying to make or what issue he has.

As far as being prepared for a home invader, I shoot dynamically and do it on a regular basis. I also teach classes on how to shoot dynamically.

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Yea, that test was a joke. I dont see why its even neccassary, imo. The rest is a different subject for another time. Im all for realistic defensive training and im all for sport shooting, both have their place in developing well rounded firearm skills, ymmv.

To make anti-gunners feel better and to increase the barriers to bearing arms.

Remember, the original gun licenses were instituted specifically to disarm recently freed slaves.