PDW! Show’em if you got’em


Title says it all! Show off your favorite personal defense weapon “PDW”!!!


12” lightweight 6.5 Grendel. Diamond head style buis. Leupold vx-freedom 1.5-4x20 scope held by a American Defense QD mount!


Finally building guns again can’t wait for range time next weekend to fire this.


Beautiful rifle. I love the flashlight too!


You shoot that yet?


This /\ …and what does “PDW” stand for?


This Tuesday I will!



This is my PDW… though I do not use it much. I run around with my other LWRC instead.


This is my favorite till I get another built or decide to go back to the 300 BO pistol.

12.5 inch 7.62x51. Haven’t decided if this will be the optic setup, might run it with a 1x6 LPVS


Is that the one you just finished?


Yeah. Remember we where talking about 6.5 Grendel? I ordered one that night. I had @jf89 twist my arm, so I bought it. 460 out the door, and 1000 rounds shipped for 280. I just couldn’t say no.


Ordered what?


The 6.5 Grendel.

This is where we talked about it on your thread.


I know we talked about it. That’s why I’m asking- cuz im curious how you did it. I’m still not clear on what you ordered though. You said you ‘finished it’, so to me that means you built it. So did you order everything you needed to build it? Or a single thing? What was 460? Or are you saying you ordered ammo for 460 with 280 shipping? That doesn’t seem right. Sorry if I’m being dense.


No problem at all equinn. I bought all the parts because it’s cheaper that way. I paid including transfer $460.00 for all the parts including a lower and transfer. I also ordered 1,000 rounds of 6.5 Grendel for ~$280.00 .25 cents a piece and shipping. Once I got all the parts I noticed that the barrel was not pinned.

Once that was done I wanted to engrave the lower.

It’s hard to argue a rifle like this isn’t worth with ammo $740.00. I also bought 7 magazines ~$100.00. So call it $840.00 for the setup. I couldn’t say no to that deal. Palmetto raised the price of the kits a little “market fluctuations”, but I still think it’s a good deal.
Being that you live in California I know you live with different rules, so you would need to buy a kit with a 16” barrel, bullet button or pinned magazine, and a featureless rifle “more rules”.
Where I live the laws “so far” are not as restrictive as yours.
The scope, mount and sights I had already, so they are not factored into the final price.


AP lower, CBC 300 BO upper.


Thanks! Palmetto you say? I’ll check that out. Apparently as long as the lower is shipped to an FFL, I can still build it. As long as I build it to be compliant, I’m Okay.


Yes ma’am palmetto state armory.


I maybe going to this as my PDW… need more range time with it though.