People voting with their feet to leave California.



Unfortunately, many of those people are leaving California and then trying to the state they move to into California - you know… the state they just left because of all of its problems.


Yeah, some folks never learn.
At least for a while the transplanted fools are outnumbered, and their misguided influence is kept to a minimum.


The ones I have meet here in Missouri have been very conservative or dopers who we try to get them busted and convicted so they can’t vote.


We are awash in progressive transplants here in GA.



Fuck the California liberals/leftists leaving and coming to good states and trying to ruin them. I truly hate these people.


I don’t hate them. I am amazed at their inability to analyze the problem and identify it as themselves.


We have the same kind of thing going on here in va
They have opened a lot of new federal buildings here and people from md and ny are migranting here to fill positions and are slowly turning this state blue
The majority of this state is red as can be but the majority of the populace lives here in northern va so the dems are slowly making ground