People Wake Up!!

The Democraps are on the attack again with their anti firearm agenda.
Write your Reps and Senators and let them know you oppose this crap.
Shit or Get Off the Pot.
Spread the word and tell those around you to do it as well.
If you have noticed the Media is focused on Trump and the Witch Hunt and they are slipping this crap in under the radar.
Eyes OPEN folks!!!


Anti freedom…anti life.


Cory Booker is a very unsavory character that I would not trust with holding a rock. The opponents of our endeavor to enjoy the benefits of the 2nd Amendment are in full uneducated terror that they are losing their leverage in politics resulting in Trump doing the best to load Federal courts with approved, lifetime protectors of the Constitution.:tinfoil:


Here we are the First Day of April.
If you think even for a minute that the Democraps are not waging all out war on guns then think about this.
In three months I have posted some 19 different Anti Forearm bills to this forum.
Nineteen Different Anti-Firearms Bills in Three Months!!
That is Federal alone.
Those are ones I have seen.
How many have I missed?

So that being said.
If you as a Firearm Owner have not written your Representatives and Senators at least 19 times then you have dropped the ball.

Our Reps and Senators don’t watch YouTube videos or if they do then they pay little if any attention to them
But if their constituents write them they will pay attention.
Their jobs and future are on the line.
And you need to make that perfectly clear to them as well.
They do read and listen.
I have gotten several replies.
But don’t just rave on about 2A rights.
Point out what these laws are going to do.
Point out how this is an outright attack on the Constitution of this Country.
Point out “How” you have seen these proposed laws will do nothing but restrict Law Abiding Citizens.

Its only going to get worse and we have this and another year to fight yet.
As I said in another thread.
Step Up Or Shut Up.
And confront those Pro Firearm people around you to act as well.


please keep up the good work!


democraps are the enemy of the Republic. They lionize a dirty scum ****** sow cop killer.

Do EVERYTHING to fuck over every pole smoker like baby booker and his fellow demonrat traitors any legal way you can.
Until we fight fire [and most will NOT] with fire-- get used to the demise of the USA and our free way of life.
RIP NJ Trooper Werner Foerster