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Click this video Link every Thursday and Saturday 8:30 pm central and it will direct you to the newest live stream.

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This here is the Monday stream we did.


12/20/2018 Thursday. We will be doing a Reading of the Heller ruling and open lines. get your texts emails or calls ready! (872)256-4774

12/22/2018 This Saturday we will have Rob_Ski, on for some discussion on the American made AK’s. Tune in to the link above at 8:30pm Central or maybe a bit before if you want to catch the tail end of the subscriber chat.

This Saturday’s line up
Hour 1 @Rob_Ski, and I have a discussion about some American made AK’s
Hour 2 @Glockshooter79 and I will be discussing the BUMP STOCK BAN. This will likely be the most “in depth” discussion about this topic. This discussion might last for hours. WE will be having a live call in during the second segment.


The pre show chat is on air. Please click the link in the first post. Also. I want to see you guys in the chat! The show starts at 8:30 pm central.


Hop in. We are live!!


Lol. Hate to say this. We are still live. Figured I would give the 3rd and first shifters something to listen to at work.


No offense but the only thing I want to hear at work right now is this



Hopefully you guys can all make it tonight.


I’m going to do my best to tune in tonight Brother.


Damn it… I have to get a yuck tube account… F.

Ok created an account… now I need to create a channel to be in the chat! I hate yuck tube…

Well at least you have one more subscription to your channel.




Stream is live. Click the link in the first post. And hop into the chat.


I know, I know, my old X-generation ass should join the 21 century.


Yeah. We have transporters and star ships now.


That’s the link.

This is the computer.






I made it by the hair on my teeth!


Hay i was invited! I felt compelled!


12/22/18. 10:30 best show, so far Brother!!!


12:29 pm! Dude that was awesome Brother! A lot of good info!