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Great live stream! I’m glad I was there for it. Even @Robert has an honorable mention in the stream! 2:23-2:28.


I was referring to the break when I peeked in, figures that would be my timing

I’ll check it out, had planned to sit through it but ended up having the night off so the Mrs and I took advantage :sunglasses:


Always a good excuse. Maybe next time Brother!


Now featuring the full30 logo in the bottom of the screen.

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Looks great!!


I’m still learning what my software can do. As time goes on I will be adding to the final product. My objective is to be completely different from the rest of the crowd.


The AK does that for you :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The logo looks really good Brother!

Always walk opposite of the crowd!


48 hour Christmas podcast is live. Hop into the chat and spend some time away from the stress of the holiday :yum:


Damn, you’re a machine!

I’m on vacation which usually means working harder :thinking:


I’m more of a can opener. If you stop in just say hi.


done and done.


I seem to stop in during off hours


Tons of vacation goings on though so its what it is for everyone



Still live. Lots of new faces. Thank you all for stopping in.


Still live and a very active chat.


Tune in for the new year. We will be brodcasting live on the B channel newyears eve for a New Years hangout.


Tonight’s discussion. DDR rifles.
I will be discussing the variants of the East German akm and will be taking questions at the end. See you guys all there at 8:30pm central


Thursday’s show will be about Egyptian AK’s. Followed by viewer comments and discussion. If you have an import or one built off of a parts kit. This will be the show for you.


New Years chat is under way. Click the stream link above. Make sure to let us know you came over from here.
I am taking requests and later tonight I am going to (unless the kids and wife keep me from it) get on and talk about all the fun stuff we have done the last year.


Tomorrow’s show will be about Egyptian AK’s. If you have any questions, feel free to ask now or during the q&a portion of tomorrow’s show.
Pre game goof off chat starts at 7:30pm.
Show starts at 8:30pm.
All times central.