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Looks like earbleed theatre tonight. It’s my birthday and I was welcomed home by everyone that wants to bother me today. Grumble.


Happy Birthday you redacted!!


Happy birthday


Happy Birthday ZEKESHOOTS!!!


I specifically told my wife that I had planned on doing a stream tonight. The family had other plans. Lol. It’s all good. Maybe next year I will be left alone.


Happy birthday!


Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Let’s hope next year everyone stays home hahaha.


Tonight we will have Matt from ReCreator Blanks on the show.


been waiting for a hot minute for this


Remember to hit up Taco Bell BEFORE the show LOL!! Just kidding Brother.


Don’t forget to hit the like button and get the shenanigans out of the way before 8:30 lol. Live chat is online now.


BS, I just checked and there were no shenanigans


Give it some time lol.:joy: