Pets yours or someone else's




I just have a cat, he’s kind of hard core.


Dude! Where did you get that vest and key chain?



Key chain.



Rottweiler/Australian Shepherd mix. He may be a mutt but he would protect my 7 year old daughter to the end. The other one would sleep through it.



What kind of spider is that? I wouldve opened fire on it.




Very cool! A beer like this needs all the protection it can get. Thank you…1351


:scream: That is exactly why I like the snakes in my yard!


Here’s my two. Rocky & Serria. (Named after my favorite mountain ranges) Rocky’s on the right.


@mquinn55, nice looking dogs my :family_woman_boy_boy: would go crazy for those!


Thanks. Their great with people and other dogs. We always meet some good folks when we’re out and about with them. Especially kids.


Sorry I have to ask this, but are these really pets? Or next weeks groceries?


Do they get rid of snakes?


About the second week of July one of these little potatoes will be coming to our home. (The one closest the orange Croc). This image is after 15 minutes of play (5 week old puppies) and their batteries ran out simultaneously.


The best beer


Our greyhound had his 10th birthday yesterday (19th). :slight_smile: :birthday: Even being 5 years after retiring racing he is still fast as hell and super ripped. Wish I had his chizzle. Haha.


Happy Birthday!