*pew pew* from the far north!


Hey Hey! Thought I’d drop in and say hi (Hi!!) since I’ve been watching the videos for a couple years. Not much of a poster, more of a lurker, but I may occasionally have something to share. Not much to say 'bout myself… just a career firefighter, avid outdoor guy, dog lover (better than people imo, but hazard of the job), love fishing, hunting and getting the hell outta civilization. And oh yeah… I have a gun or three. Maybe even a can or four.

See ya on the boards!




Welcome to Full30, post more lurk less


You post the goods on IG now don’t leave us hanging :wink:


Welcome Brother!!




Welcome to Full30 forum @SwissyJim Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome aboard!




Welcome to Full 30.


Welcome @SwissyJim
Great to have you here at the forum!


guess that means I am no longer the most northern


Welcome to the forum, I had to say hi when I saw the dog avatar. I love em too.



Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Looking forward to your input.