PF45 complete kit


Full 30 special

PF45 complete kit - no magazine sorry guys

Complete upper (Glock 21 .45ACP)

PF45 lower with Jig

Lower parts kit ready to complete and build

$599 shipped

Only got one.

First come first serve

Was going to build it myself.


I love you.
And I h8 CA.

Someone please buy this if you can legally build it and post pictures and/or video of the build in Gunsmithing 80% builds section


Any word on when the PF45 will be available in colors other than black?

Getting another black frame would mess up my color coding of the calibers.


Considering they just released the CL in multiple colors I think it will be a few months. I’m guessing 2-4 months at least.


Any takers at all?

I know it’s not a Gucci Glock but still!


Looks like I may have to throw this away in a few months if it sits here… Because the state law will say it’s illegal.

Just like heroin.

Maybe they will pass a safe zone where I can use this legally and be exempt from the law for a period of time then go about my day with no reprocussions.

Just like heroin.