PF45 complete kit


Full 30 special

PF45 complete kit - no magazine sorry guys

Complete upper (Glock 21 .45ACP)

PF45 lower with Jig

Lower parts kit ready to complete and build

$599 shipped

Only got one.

First come first serve

Was going to build it myself.


I love you.
And I h8 CA.

Someone please buy this if you can legally build it and post pictures and/or video of the build in Gunsmithing 80% builds section


Any word on when the PF45 will be available in colors other than black?

Getting another black frame would mess up my color coding of the calibers.

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Considering they just released the CL in multiple colors I think it will be a few months. I’m guessing 2-4 months at least.


Any takers at all?

I know it’s not a Gucci Glock but still!


Looks like I may have to throw this away in a few months if it sits here… Because the state law will say it’s illegal.

Just like heroin.

Maybe they will pass a safe zone where I can use this legally and be exempt from the law for a period of time then go about my day with no reprocussions.

Just like heroin.


Have you sold this yet?


I have not. It is available still


I am assuming it is all new parts, including the slide… Does it come with the Glock case?


Does not have a magazine for it I have a Glock case, I will have to check to make sure it would fit. If it does I would include it for you, because you asked. :grimacing:


The magazine is no big deal really. I already have 1 magazine, and I can easily get more here in Michigan. I only ask about the case because I was looking at the PF45 complete builder’s kit on some other websites and I am trying to figure out exactly what I would be getting with yours vs what I get if I order a new kit somewhere else.


I understand completely. Difference with mer is my personal service! You can PM me and we can discuss! :grin:


PM’d :slightly_smiling_face:

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