Phoenix Police and the Doll lifting Kid

So now the truth comes out.
The actual video shot condemning the Police wasn’t even at the store.
There is MUCH more to it.



The same old story…criminals screaming “racism” at the cops for arresting criminals who are committing crimes…
I actually thought they showed amazing restraint considering the situation.
Language could have been controlled better…but come on…just freaking comply already.
I swear, some of these dirtbags are actually TRYING to get shot :roll_eyes:


I knew it. I said check their records
Serial shoplifters.
It’s one of the “jobs” they don’t quit.

Now you know why the story disappeared so quick. PC coverup of black crime - SSDD
How would YOU like to have that PC failure as YOUR chief?
It would throw you under the bus in a heartbeat.


Yup, and they’re teaching the children. Sad.


I agree. It’s amazing to watch some of these videos. The bad guy gets caught committing a crime, then resists arrest or assaults an officer, then get gets shot…then blames racism. It’s their culture of defiance and lack of respect for the law that is causing most of these escalated police encounters, not racist cops.


The black culture in America is what’s causing this. They expect to commit crimes and be treated as if the crime never happened. In the video you have a man saying “this is how you treat black people?” That’s all that is cared, they don’t ask the questions of why they have stopped them. Young Blacks in America often glorify the streets, and even make fun of their peers for studying by saying they’re “acting white”. They ignore education highly due to peer pressure.

The book that goes over black culture very extensively and well is Thomas Sowell’s “black rednecks and white liberals”. He points out a circumstance in the book that young black kids were taken out of their culture in adoption through a catholic school and put through schooling within a white culture. These kids performed very well with top grades even doing better than most of their white peers. This suggests it’s not a circumstance of genetics but more so due to culture. The black culture is the problem and they can’t even see it when they live it.


@Joe I would have to agree with you, it’s not genetics that determines inability…it’s choice. All people are the product of their environment, if they choose to be. I know many extraordinary black, Asian, European, and unfavored Americans who have succeeded in putting capabilities to good use .