Picked me up one of these today

My buddy came over and showed me his new pistol he is using for his CCW. I fell in love with the pistol right off the bat and had to have one. Springfield Armory Hellcat in 9mm. Holds 13+1 rounds with the extended magazine.



Long time no see. I look forward to your review/opinions.


Yeah, they’re really nice!


Those are sweet


Might be a while. They did not have any 9mm ammo. I have over 10K rounds but its Swedish ammo used in the Swedish K and is known for breaking pistols. The only other 9mm in my stockpile is 9mm HP +P+ but I use that in my Glock 19 for self defense and do not have enough to test the gun and save enough to fill a magazine afterwards. I thought I had a case of Win White but either I shot it up or need to ferret out which ammo can I stored it in. I have a bunch of 9mm reloads but they are all 147gr flat nose subsonics for SMGs when I’m running them suppressed. I’ll have to try to get some of the other ammo hoarders I know and see if I can trade them some of the ammo I have plenty of for some 9mm.

Some days its tough having more ammo than your slab can safely handle :yum:


That is a nice looking pistol.