Picking Apart an Anti-Gun Presidential Candidate's Gun Control Proposals


Politicians don’t need an understanding of the issues, they just need to know buzzwords and ways to appeal to emotion. This 2020 Presidential candidate is no exception.

His proposals are nothing new, but I can say they are getting more extreme.

  • Now they aren’t pushing for registration, they’re pushing for a required license - which would be the same as registration from a tracking purpose but even worse from a denial perspective.
  • He is pushing to ban “military-style semi-autos” which is an even broader category than their previous “assault weapon” bans.
  • He wants to fine gun manufacturers for what criminals do with their guns
  • He wants to pay for free upgrades to smart guns that can be only fired by their owner, even though upgrade technology like that doesn’t exist

And he has more proposals, all either completely idiotic or completely totalitarian. I dig into all of them in greater detail in the above article.


Is this the guy offering 1k to each voter?




We’re going to be seeing a lot more about Universal Basic Income as time goes on. UBI is a fascinating concept and a wonderful thought exercise. But it can’t really leave dreamworld because it would completely and utterly fail in the real world, especially with open borders.

But, giving people “free” money is a great way to earn votes. So we’ll be seeing more pushes for UBI, but won’t ever see anything about how to actually accomplish it.


^ This.

100% of what comes out of a politicians mouth is for this reason. That’s the primary reason we are in such a cesspool of politics now. That and the people not standing up for their constitution because of “feelings”.