Pistol ammo in a rifle


A little confused. I know hollow points in a rifle isn’t always good, because the extra speed can make the bullet explode or fragment way to fast resulting in little penetration.
So I am thinking of a jacketed soft point, but some experts say SPs will give good penetration, but don’t always expand enough to cause damage to take an animal down.
But at the same time, experts will say a hardcast bullet is excellent for deer, hogs bear etc.as they penetrate deep because they do not expand, and they destroy tissue as they go.
So I am confused on why a SP is considered bad by some, and at the same time a hardcast is good?
A 230 gr hardcast at 1600 fps probably wouldn’t even notice a deer as it passed through.
Can someone explain all this…?


First, what type of PCC are you looking at and, second, what would be your philosophy of use? It sounds like, from you question, that you’re looking at a POU of hunting. If that is so, I would never recommend that. If it’s for self or home defense, a sub gun is great because of the short engagement ranges and low penetration compared with a rifle round. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about HPs out of a PCC, as long as they function reliably. If you’re that worried about premature expansion, look at Hornady or Cor-Bon plastic filled HPs. Those are great for REC of home defense, and they may give you some peace of mind about premature expansion. However, with standard HPs I don’t think that will be a problem.


I am looking at a lever action for hunting in either 41 or 44 mag. Granted, people may be referring to a pistol, and not a rifle, but I don’t understand why some will say a soft point is bad because it may not expand and do any internal damage, then praise a hardcast for most animals, when it does not expand at all.
I know about having the right ammo for the right hunt, I just don’t understand the thinking on the SP and HC debate.


A .41 or .44 Mag lever gun is great for hunting. I would not refer to either cartridge as a “pistol cartridge”, and either is very capable of taking game under 75yrds. With jacketed HPs, or try Hornady LeveRevolution ammo, there is no doubt in my mind that eithet will work fine and without flaw, as long as you’re not trying to take elk or anything.