Pistol caliber carbines/Tactical shotguns?


I just finished reading an article.The author would suggest due to the popularity of the pistol caliber carbine it’s destined to become the next home defense shotgun?
What do the FULL30 members think?
I like both, wouldn’t matter to me, both of these weapons are capable home Defenders!


PCC have been around as long has shotguns have been for home defense (you just have seen the Thompson Sales flyer from the twentys).
on one hand a shotgun is quite intimidating recoil wise but has the image of point and shoot and all the bad guys fall down.
PCCs are easier to wield but require aiming and quite a few steps to just hit one bad guy.
As my YT mentor would say “you be the judge”


I’m just about finished up with this 9mm PPC, just waiting on the mag well adapter.



You’ll have to forgive me, I’m not familiar with PPC?


pistol calibre carbine
until recently I thought it was a political party


Sorry, should have been PCC


I kind of like pistol caliber pistols for home defense. The longest shot I can pull off upstairs is maybe 30 ft.

A nice, relatively short double-barrel shotgun is pretty good as well. Carbine would be OK. But they take both hands and give more opportunity for an close-in attacker to grab or push away.


I’m a huge fan of PCCs. I plan on acquiring a few more over the course of the next few years.

Anyway here’s mine. It was my first firearm I bought with my own money. I took the sight off for the AR so I need another red dot.



Might that be the new 10mm?


I WISH!! I desperately want one of those 10mm. It’s a 995TS.

I also want to add I will be turning this 995 in to a bullpup.


Please do and report back!


I personally prefer a single projectile over shotgun for home defense. I choose so solely for the accurately. Worst case scenario, what if the intruder should happen to gain a family member hostage? With a shotgun, you’re kinda screwed to fire without striking hostage.(unless it’s a soon to be ex…then shotgun away😉) just my opinion.


I will put you down for pistol caliber carbine. I’m going to tally all votes up when we’re done, then we’ll see which is more popular the pistol caliber carbine or the tactical shotgun, I find this kind of stuff very interesting!


Yes sir! Pistol carbine.


Same here. Vote PCC all day everyday and on Sunday’s.


I don’t follow you, requires aiming and quite a few steps?
1 All firearms require aiming to some degree!
2 The weapon is a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 gen 2 .40 S&W it operates exactly like a handgun, one in the chamber safety on 22 rounds on tap.
The red dot runs 24/7 365, it’s always on battery life is 2 to 3 years, again no extra step?
3 As my YT mentor would say, you be the judge?


I favor the shotgun using smaller buckshot (like #4 buckshot).

Specifically, double barrel, SxS, double trigger. For home defense, I have one in 12 gauge and one in 20 gauge. They are shorter than most pumps and semiautos, and are plenty intimidating for any fool that tries to break into my home. And, added benefit: they lose their awesome power quickly, so less potential for collateral damage. My neighbors are too close to be using high powered rounds capable of exiting my house and entering theirs. I use handguns as backups / up close defense.


Smart, good on you, responsible gun ownership :+1: situational awareness, sounds like you have a well thought-out plan!



Thanks. Actually, one thing we discussed in Full30 in the last couple of months had to do with planning on how to deal with various intruder scenarios in our homes. What did we do to try to figure out how to handle them. Several people had some great ideas, including (but not limited to), lining up your furniture to optimize your defense; designing your house (in the building process), such that you can best defend it; figuring out how the lighting would impact your ability to aim and shoot; adding cameras to your home in strategic locations to help record any intruder events; and on and on.

So, I don’t have it all figured out, but have come a long way towards general readiness.