Pistol Caliber Carbines


I love them. My two favorites are my Marlin Camp 9, and my Uberti Revolving Carbine in 45 long Colt. I bought the Marlin from a gun auction about 10 years ago. I have never shot it. When I took it down I saw the buffer pad was in remarkable condition. However I changed it anyway. I have never shot it. I’ve written to Marlin begging them to bring back the Camp 9, but to no avail. I think they (Marlin) are missing out on a very good, handy carbine. As for the Uberti, I’ve shot it and it is a HOOT! I only wish that Marlin would come to their senses and bring back the Camp 9 and the Camp 45.


PCCs are hella fun, and they’re great training firearms as 9mm is cheaper than .223 and you can shoot PCCs at steel closer than you can centerfire rifle.

I enjoy shooting them when I get my hands on them, still don’t own one… yet!


PCCs are something special. I really enjoy shooting mine chambered in 9mm. Bridges the gap between a handgun and rifle for home defense. Makes 9mm/.45 ACP just a tad more useful. :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree one thousand percent. Nothing better than a carbine in 9mm or 45.


I recently picked up a CZ Evo3 S1 braced pistol, and it’s a great little shooter. While it won’t be replacing my bedside rifle, it’s still a ton of fun to shoot and the fact that it folds down into a small package is pretty neat. Definitely a good range toy with some practical applications.




Does anyone have a MechTech conversion carbine? I’ve considered buying one, but I haven’t conducted any research yet.


Mech Tech makes quite few carbine conversions for most of the popular pistols.
Also take a look see at Rugers new PC carbine in 9mm.
It comes with magazine conversions for Glock and a variety of their own pistols.
If you can find one, that is.
Yeah, Marlin dropping their Camp Carbine never made much sense.
It looks a lot like their rimfire line of rifles.
It would be very welcome these days where the black rifles are banned.


Dude, I do not like Glocks personally but that looks like it would be awesome. What’s the durability and usability of these? I’d totally buy a Glock to use one of those.

Oh, 10mm…DROOL!!!

Your frame: CCU Available in:

Compact 9mm, 40S&W

Standard 9mm, 40S&W

Large 45ACP, 10mm

Makes me want to buy a used Glock and try this out next year when I can go back to buying firearms regularly with my bonuses.


Colonel Gal says ya all late to the PCC party.
Handier than Ruger PCC cut in half IMHO



I have done very little research on the MechTech’s, so I don’t really know. I did read that early models had some extraction issues, especially with lower power target ammo. However, recent reviews appear to be very positive. I will do more homework soon.


I agree. A darn good firearm.