Pistol crossbow

I picked up one f those cheap pistol crossbows to have fun with in the garage during winter. Danged if this isn’t a serious piece of gear. Well built, very strong(80 pound pull). Test shot penetrated 12 layers of cardboard and went halfway thru a straw bale. I need a new crossbow target for the big crossbow but I think this thing would be great for small game at close ranges, seemed pretty accurate at 30 feet. With the standard target points it would easily pin a rabbit to the ground, and I am looking at broad heads and maybe a little longer bolt, it might be deer capable at close range. Silent! The target points would probably go thru a human at close range!



Very cool,
Thanks for the info.
Might have to get one.
Here’s a video about it:
Yeah, I’ve been commiserating with the enemy.


15 yard shots and he was nailing it… key is wax the heck out of the string and the top of the rail like any other crossbow…