Pittsburgh City Council Strips 2A Rights Locally (Assault Weapon Ban. Bump Stock Ban & RED FLAG)


Cities and Towns are now taking it upon themselves to violate the US Constitution for “Common Sense Gun Control”. This is a VERY dangerous and illegal play!!

Pittsburgh City Council is submitting an assault weapon ban, an accessory ban & a red flag bill.

They have called on other major city mayors nationwide to do the same.


This local jurisdiction thing is ugly…

but…given some push back could turn in our favor


Many cities and towns have tried this in Wisconsin. Turns out state law forbids local laws to be more restrictive than state law in regards to gun laws. We have managed to get all these laws removed. Took a lot of work, and even had a few of us have guns pointed at us. Even a law suit of a city was pushed and the city lost. Understand your state law, it’s the first line.


I was wondering the same thing whether PA state law preempts more stringent local laws?



Why, why, why… do so many (uninformed?) people put the burden (and blame) on gunowners?

Yes, some people do bad things with guns. But, some people do bad things with…you name it! Doesn’t mean you have to go around banning everything! So sad, so pathetic!

Glad state laws are being written to help ensure these misguided mayors and city council men and women are being restrained in their anti-gun efforts.


It’s about to get a whole lot worse in January @JohnB



agreed. Unfortunately!