Places to find supplies after a societal collapse


Neat article from @READYMAN s site.
Figured its a good article to kick off a discussion on the topic.


Kind of a sketchy topic, im not advocating looting
But there is some good info in there, including counter strategies.


Not a bad read at all
That’s one of the biggest misconceptions of the sheep
Why do you prepare I’ll juat go to the Walmart to get what I need
They don’t understand that everyone is at the Walmart
And heaven forbid a crew of folks like some groups I know secure it first


I get annoyed when people tell me they are going to raid the National Gaurd Armory or hit the cop shop for ammo or rob the pharmacy…these people are morons and are going to die real fast. Another one that annoys me are the assholes that brag that they would loot easy targets like old folks homes , schools and even heard a guy (thats a part of a prepper group next town over) talk about how if shtf he would hit this outdoor activity center and felt the need to tell us he deal with people any way he seen fit.

Maybe in a dark scenario that might happen but if somebody is planning to resort to that behavior right off the bat then they are douchebags, not only did we cut communications with him but I took notes on who his people are ,where he lived and what his supposed plans are. I mean theres alot of crazy people out there, if possible people should get a few friends together and just train a little.


If the SHTF anything will go…plain and simple…


Still your first plan shouldnt be attacking old folks and kids, if so youre a dick head. Ive got my preps squared away and have no plan to assualt innocent people. Even if it happens it shouldnt be a part of your plan now when you have time to prep.


While I’m of two minds on this i digress
In a real shtf scenario it will be game on
I wouldn’t intentionally harm anyone if not needed but those people may not be in the same frame of mind
Hunger and lack of water and general services will drive normal sensible people to extreme stress levels and make them do things out of the norm
I don’t fear the military in situations like this
I fear the mob of unprepared people that live right in your own AO


I fear both , any government around after shit falls apart is going to be very dangerous, whether it be FEMA or the military.

I would not harm innocents, period. You could easily loot without killing everyone in sight just because.
This is where being part of a group would benefit somebody, real shtf dosnt mean you should become a serial killer. I think there would be situations that could get dark real fast but in general a guy should live by a certain code.


I agree but I’m just a bit more skeptical
I think terms like serial killer is a bit over the top though
Honestly there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to protect my family
They are why I prep in the first place
My children come before anyone else


I agree , what im referring to is killing people because its easier or just because. Take for instance, a guy goes and loots a building with people in it and instead of just robbing them and leaving he enters and mows them down. You do this enough I put it up there with being a serial killer. My point is killing should be your last option, not your first and only default choice to a situation.

I agree completely though you have to keep you and yours safe and taken care of before anything.


Now to get the thread back on topic. What kinds of places make decent places to find supplies?


The article has some good points on storage sheds and distribution centers
The problem being there are other like minded people that are going to secure places like that
The first rule of engaugment is to avoid said engaugment
Smaller stores mag have supplies needed I would generally reconnoiter a area before making definitive choices
If your group is large enough the. You could cordon and search a area that way securing the search area as you work
Right down the street we have a meat packing facility wotchbwould be nice initially but you have to be able to sustain that food source
After a few days of no general services places like grocery stores and said plant become dangerous for you to be in just from rotting and spoiling food


Just a thought here … and I hope this does not come across as a sales plug.
We here at ReadyMan actually just released a post apocalyptic novel named “Black Autumn”.
The reason why I bring it up, is because the entire novel was a war gaming exercise focused on “an end of the world scenario”. What would we do? How would we do it? What have we not thought of? What would come around and bite us in the ass?
We tried to keep it as real as possible on what would of course be just a best guess.


Cool site
Thanks for sharing.


I have adopted a thought process of not to stick to a definitive plan
One must always be able to identify and adapt to any situation like this
People plan to bug out but can you actually get to your rally point and move your group to said sight in a efficient and effective manner moving gear supplies and young children if you have them
Very few people have been put under such stress and have the tools to remain calm and lucid during a situation like this
Training helps definitely but even trained people will have a issue at some point


Sounds neat , got a link? I need to finish up a few books im currently reading then I might look in it.
Cool site, btw.


We here at ReadyMan actually ran a series of tests for a 50 mile bug out exercise.
5 of us participated at different times with different equipment.
We all chose some very different forms of bugging out but all came to the same conclusion.
-Weight is a killer
-Need to be able to move as fast as possible to limit the time of exposure (longer under load more the chance of injury)
-Feet are a huge limiting factor … blisters will kick your ass and add to time under load
-Have a definitive place to go and a reason to go there and get there as fast as possible
-Start smart working the bug out plan in concentric circles - Vehicle - Small OR vehicle - Bicycle - Finally foot
We learned a lot thought out it all and lead to us creating " is a free bug out bag builder that guides folks on what to have etc.


Make sure you get the “thank you” bonuses that are there!


This is where critical thinking skills come in handy, training is just to improve odds but like you said nothing is a gaurentee. The town I live in is only about 20,000 people but is full of bangers, theres a shitload of them so initially it would be ugly after shtf but unless its really bad, I do not like the idea of bugging out right away.


Well being a huge fan of ‘Jericho’ , this seems pretty interesting. :+1: