Places to find supplies after a societal collapse


Based on our thinking and research we have come to the conclusion that gangs would be a rampant problem. They are already organized and will turn to violence faster than the majority of people. Which of course will give gangs and advantage for an initial incident.
We are fans of building your community now, trying to do everything by your self does not seem feasible in our research … friends with skills and common mind set are essential.


The bangers 90% of the time are going to be after electronics and highly valuable things
Most have no training and may overlook certain places like distribution centers and smaller general stores or markets
The down side of them is there already attached to each other and are ussualy armed with various small arms
There spray and pray attitude is effective in numbers but I’d im in a concealed elevated position they don’t stand a chance
The mob mentality will surely take over in any situation like this and it’s best to try to avoid the mob


having been an armoured crewman in a past life and when you have to leave your “house” you suddenly realize the box of grenades should have been left behind…
That is until you needed to throw a few.

as with all survival scenarios you have to always consider water and shelter from the elements (which could just simply be the clothes on your back). Food can always be found but the first two will kill you faster than being hungry.


We’ll do whatever the SHTF scenario calls for.
The world can do whatever but my family comes FIRST and LAST.

By any means necessary.


Makes sense and I feel the same way.



^^^^That right there should be the number one priority in prepping!

In many smaller communities the people running those places are or should be part of your group! In that scenario a “raid” takes on a different connotation.

Step up and be a leader in your community now and people will look to you for that same leadership when things get bad.
And above all, keep your range cards up to date!:+1:


There are no innocents; there are only the quick and the dead. :no_mouth:

As for supplies, I’ll start with the water in toilet tanks and in hot water heaters.


Water, every ones water heaters will still have water in them.

Fuel, do not siphon gas, punch a hole in the bottom of the tank, drain it into a clean tub, then pour it in a can. Way faster and better for situation awareness.

And dont do to the Hostess Twinkie factory, Homer Simpson has already beat you there.