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Look forward to your posts and tips!


Welcome aboard
Please join the discussions it would be benofical to learn from a new knowledge source


Welcome to the forum Brother!


Really looking forward to new ideas (or old ones we have not thought of) so that we can continue to help as many people as possible!
Thanks all for any input and ideas!




Welcome to Full30 forum @plan2survive Good to have you here. Do you have a video channel as well? If so, please post a link so we can check it out.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Hi @Tactical_Reviews, thanks for the welcome! Our parent video channel is Would love to hear what you think!


Ahh, got it. I added that channel to the members list, I think I did that today. Be sure to take advantage of cross linking between the video site and here. Many of us now include a link to the forum at the end of the video description. We also post our videos here and then share those links to other social media sites like facebook, groups and pages, twitter, G+, and other sites. It really helps drive traffic both here and your videos. And traffic is always good.


Absolutely! Great ideas.


You need to get on @Robert list. Try to beat me.


What is this list you speak of? I’m sure we are on plenty of “lists” :joy: :joy:


We dont talk about them lists…they are listening…:shushing_face:




I see what you did there…:laughing:



Opps, wrong list, hang on



Welcome! Glad to have you.


Welcome to Full30, plan2survive.

Like the name! Those who do survive whatever chaos is thrown upon the world will be the ones that did plan to survive, for sure.