Planning Our Way to Safer Schools and Churches



This is a thousand words. Too long?

At Slowfacts-
Protecting innocent people is serious business. Smart men and women gave it a lot of thought. Here are two stories about protecting our schools and churches…
…or not.


I haven’t read it yet but you do have a fine line to balance with length

a lot of the stories I see are to short, not really worthy of a title and space to post, but others are to long and time and attention span tends to induce a “read over” effect which often causes important parts to be missed

tough call…

I book marked for later


Yeah… a bit long for me, I have very limited time. but! I did skim through it and have to agree. There is a balance and not many can get that. We protect our political elite and yet… a school? Nail up a sign, that should do it.
Placing security into practice is sometimes difficult and having the ability to hire people who will actually protect is another issue.