Plastics Polishing Paste


Hey guys I was wondering if you might be able to help me. So one of my current is learning how to make custom kydex holsters. After watching the video it suggests as part of the finishing touches to use a “green plastic polishing paste” on like dremel buffering to give it a final smooth and shiny appearance. I am having no luck trying to figure out what exactly this green paste is. I wrote to my teacher and lets just say I had more questions than answers afterwards. So I thought I might reach out to some of the smiths and DIY’ers here. Thanks for the help in advance


Green is the soft rubbing compound for buffing,

heres one


Hey thanks a lot for the help. Just curious as I was doing more searching I found some deals of jewelers polish that come usually in packs with different colors. Is that the same stuff? Also are the different colors just different “grits”?