PlayStation Classic

Pre-ordered it since I missed out on the NES one. Got the SNES one and love it.


Can it play other games? I want a Dreamcast and Saturn one.

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They are all on the console digitally and no room for expansion. Or at least as far as I know. I want a Saturn and Dreamcast one too. I still have those consoles but no TV that will work with that old analog signal. :frowning:


Will the games be original or enhanced?


Dreamcast was way ahead of its time. I was a playstation fan but Dreamcast just killed everything when it cameout. I obsessed over Phantasy Star online for awhile and that volleyball game with skimpy bikinis and lots of bouncing… wtf happened to Sega?

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No idea.

I love my Dreamcast sans the controller. If the PlayStation classic and upcoming Sega Genesis mini do well I bet we see either a Dreamcast (likely) and or Saturn (not likely) mini / classic.