Please add Regular Guy Training


Hi, due to recent issues with YouTube, many channels are looking to this website for content distribution, one of these channels, my favorite actually, Regular Guy training. I have watched this channel for a few years now, he has always provided the best quality reviews and insight into products and lots of other excellent information. But the most important reason to allow this man to contribute his content to this website is that because of his internet presence he was able to open his own firearms training business and is now using that as his main source of income, he has also recently become a father to two children and without the help of YouTube to spread information about his business, he will lose most of his coustomer base and may even have to close his business. Please allow this channel on your website and help this man support his family and be a great American business owner.


Can you get in contact with him, tell him to start considering going to Bitchute if Youtube bans him and Full30 has not yet opened the floodgates.


RegularGuyTraining would be a great addition to this site. I have learned so much from him and would love to see him at this site. He’s a young guy with a lot of wisdom that many people could benefit from.


I think full 30 should add him


I have watch Regular Guy Training on YouTube for many year he very entertaining, just well round dude with a lot of information to offer Full30.


I could not agree more Chris at Regular guy training is an awesome dude. He speaks with conviction and gives solid advice while skipping the fluff. The man is offering discounts for quality firearms training to first responders and teachers and his voice does need to be preserved if YT kicks is all off. Please consider this immediately.


I concur, even though he is half my age Chris has taught me much through his channel. I hope to be able to train with him in the near future. Out of all the “GunTubers” he and Reid of Valor Ridge are the only two I would consider training with. Chris brings a realism to his channel that many lack in theirs. With that said please allow Chris on the platform. He may be a little “salty” but nothing that others on the platform aren’t.


I agree that Chris from a Regular Guy would make a good addition to the Full30 family. He is very wise for his age and understands that the gun community and free speech is under attack. He is very knowledgeable in firearms training and is a wealth of knowledge and shares it with the community. I hope to see his channel in the near future.


+1 on RegularGuy. I watch Chris’ videos and his review opinions are usually spot on. Chris can be a bit “salty” but life without spice is just bland. If he has applied to be on please allow. If not, please invite him.


As a relatively new gun enthusiast, I have scoured the Internet for the absolute best information on firearms. One channel that’s at the top of my list is Regular Guy Training LLC. I’m a little shocked that this channel is not represented here and I’m really hoping that it will be in the future. What Chris, and his channel brings to the table is an extremely valuable data point; which is someone who can verbally articulate the subtleties and differences of various aspects of firearms and firearm handling. In addition, nobody puts these weapons thru the kind of heavy use/abuse than Regular Guy Training, and this in its own is invaluable information. Please, in the name of fairness, and providing full30 members with the best information available, invite Regular Guy Training to Full30.


Add the brother Tim!


I just got on here “officially”, been checking in for a while though. With the new you tube “rules” coming, I would love to see Regular Guy here! Nutn’ also for that matter.


Regular Guy would be a great addition to your platform, he is practically pleading for this to happen


Not salty just says it like it is😯