Please add Reloading Section


Please add Reloading Section


And bring over!!!



Not to sure if your are serious or just busting


With the recent Youtube/Google policy changes, Manufacturing and reloading categories need to be added b.c they will get wiped off youtube


Agree with that. We need to bring in as many of them as possible although not as a replacement for Youtube but to add and expand.


I’m damn serious brother


I think we need a freedom loving environment where we can find 80% or more of the content we use on YT


Yes by all means please add reloading and bullet casting


^ This. If not Full30 then someone needs to step up and do a streaming site that caters to freedom loving people. I don’t have the funds or technical knowledge to do so or I would.


What we need is a new home for all the gun/shooting sports content now dropped or restricted by YouTube. Other things are fine, but they aren’t being kicked off YouTube, firearms and related content is they just banned is.

If Full30 can grow in functionality & ease of use to essentially replace YouTube, that is what’s needed.


+1 As both a reloader an bullet caster it’s one of the first things I looked for when I joined the site.


The point wasn’t that only those who were getting the axe on YT… The point was to take away the reasons we go to YT altogether…add subscription ad free, and hire developers to replace the function and flow of YT, in fact WHY NOT MAKE IT EVEN BETTER!?!

That’s the problem with having a strategy developed by people who see limitations first. I work at a 10B $ aerosoace and defense company (not the biggest or smallest) which means they are either thriving and pushing strategy or they are dying…

They want ideas without the encumbrance of limitations first this ensures a good idea does not get caught in the coarse mesh of skepticism before ever seeing the light.


I’d love to see a reloading section here as well. That’s what I used YT for the most.


Me also. I spend most Saturdays and after work watching shooting and reloading videos and making ammo and casting. Sunday is shooting day lol;)


This is a great idea especially with YouTube specifically banning those channels, and we will be adding it to our categories list.



I already had plans on doing reloading videos on YouTube that also included building items such as Wet Tumblers as well as “hacks” that make reloading a bit easier and safer. This is definitely welcome news.

Now that YT is dumped I can focus here.