Please give us an update


I mean no offense, and I’m sure you’re super busy. But giving us an update would be advisable. Nothing worse than coming to a new site all excited and not getting anywhere. I’ve admined several sites over my many decades online. Having active admins and moderators is the best way to grow. I helped GMforum to grow and I’m more than willing to help out here. I’m a dedicated person with nothing but time on my hands being retired/disabled. Just say the word and I’m here to help.





I dont do social media,bruh. Havnt been on there in years.


Im not sure what to make of that.


So where is everyone?


That all looks great, I just wish I would get my channel approved. The longer it takes the more I’m settling in to a different site. I would like to be here.


Well then im turning this place into “one flew over the coo coo nest” then.


Some reasoning and rational words for everyones waiting We Don’t Censor Our Gun Video Content Creators

MilitaryArms says:
March 27, 2018 at 17:57
It’s easy to say it should have been open to all content creators long ago when you have no understanding of what’s involved financially and technically in building such a platform.

You see, Full30 sold ads and brought in more and more content creators as more ad revenue came through the door. For 4 years Full30 balanced a 100% fill rate for its content creators while fulfilling all ad contracts. That’s no small feat and it’s why 4 years later Full30 is still here and sites like and Vessel aren’t.

If we had 1 ad play per every 5,000 video views, the content creators wouldn’t be very happy. We had to actively manage ads vs. views to remain financially viable.

If we had 2,000 non-monetized channels at start-up the cost of hosting and streaming would have sunk us within the first year, like it has so many other video streaming sites. You may not be aware of this, but hosting, processing and streaming video in HD is very expensive.

So, while it’s easy to sit back and armchair quarterback how things have been run at Full30, the fact it’s still here when so many other sites that had FAR more financial resources have burned out while we’re still standing speaks volumes to the viability of our strategy.

Think of it as an early version of YouTube’s Partnership Program. The PP of old only monetized certain content creators and YouTube had a 70% or better fill rate for their Partners. It was a closed program that was by invite only, then later you could apply but you had to meet strict criteria to be approved. That’s back when content creators could make a living off YouTube revenue. Then YouTube opened ALL videos up to monetization and the fill rate plummeted. Many channels that were once viable were no longer.

Then YouTube had people uploading beheading videos and ISIS recruitment videos with Chevy ads playing in front of them. They lost control of their system and they’ve been hemorrhaging advertisers, content creators and viewers ever since.

So, the long and the short of it is that Full30 was carefully planned and executed to assure its long term viability.

Its other mission was to build strength while it could in the eventuality that Google did purge gun channels. In such an eventuality our goal was to become a lifeboat for firearms content creators and associated content creators. That’s why we’ve been working night and day to prepare Full30 for any purge that may result from YouTube’s pending policy changes.

MilitaryArms says:
March 27, 2018 at 17:36
We wish them well. With commercially available streaming software and no monetization model, it’s likely to go the way of Vessel or You’ll notice in the last couple of weeks a whole flurry of video hosting sites have sprung up, like BitChute,, etc. In a year they’ll all be gone due to no method for revenue generation. and Vessel both launched around the same time Full30 did 4 years ago. Both raised capital ($6m for and $75m for Vessel) and both went kaput. Even Gunbroker with their financial backing tried to accomplish something with GetZone and yeah… fizzle. It’s there, but mostly unused and unheard of.

Most of these knee-jerk responses to YouTube’s recent policy change announcement will be gone in the not too distant future unless they truly have a video hosting solution that’s monetized and not beholden to any licensing by a 3rd party which may be yanked for political reasons. Full30 developed its application software from the ground up and owns its servers. It’s been monetized since day 1.

However, competition drives innovation and that is a good thing.


Hey there everybody!

First off, I’d like to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Nick, and I recently joined the Full30 team and will be playing a multifaceted roll with the company which I am very excited to be doing! Next, I’d like to extend our most sincere apologies for our lack of community engagement here on our site. Unfortunately, as a very small team, the recent, and exponential growth of the platform has resulted in a severe shortcoming with keeping in touch with you all, and we are working hard to remedy that. We have a TON of exciting stuff in the works here, which I think you’ll all appreciate and enjoy. I realize it’s been difficult to be patient throughout all this, and believe me it has been for us too. Rest assured, however, while these things will not happen over night, they’ll be tremendous upgrades to the platform, and in the meantime I will be portioning out as much time as my schedule allows to maintain open lines of communication with the Full30 community. At this point in time, I will not give any hard dates or timelines for any new features/improvements to the site because there are an incredible amount of moving parts with what we are aiming to accomplish. We are working as quickly as possible to make things happen though because we are extremely excited to build this platform to its full potential!



Hi Nick

Sorry, but that sounds like more of the same,

Will you be added to the list to create sub forums and clean up?


We’ve been sitting here for months without any interaction. I personally have sent messages here, through Email, and facebook with no reply of any kind. A lot of people have already left. Some of use have been offering our services for many months. We’re willing to help. Some of us understand it takes time and money to grow something like this. But far too many are tired of the just wait, it’s coming.


Robert, I expect to be added to that shortly. Ideally, we will dedicate a Full30 employee to the community engagement side of things once the dust settles here and we are operating more efficiently


I’ve taken notice to a lot of your input throughout the forum, and for sure appreciate a lot of points you bring up. It comes as no surprise to me to learn that there were no responses to your messages, because simply put, there really hasn’t been anyone dedicated specifically to doing so. We are very close to changing all that however.


Great news!

Ah, Full30 employees?

How about job openings?

Where can I apply?


^ This for me too. I’m sure T_R would also like to help as well.


I"m willing to help out as much as needed. Being retired has it’s advantages.


So does working at home. :thinking:


foreign correspondent :face_with_monocle: just to keep it international


Wheres Tom? Did you take him out and assert dominance or did he just leave?


Haha Tom is a gentleman, and a scholar. I’d never do such a thing. He has been assigned other duties, I’m just here to lend a hand.