Please Vote!!!


I decided to use my own section to post this.

As many of you know, CA has absolutely no respect for the US constitution and the 2nd amendment. Just like any other largely “Democrat” state.

Prevent this from happening to your state. Vote!!!


We already voted, thanks to the new early voting available.
There’s no reason to wait in long lines on Tuesday.
Our local library had it all smoothly running and we were in and out in just a few minutes.

If the pundits are correct and the Democrats do gain an advantage, things could get very interesting.
I’ll predict civil disobedience on a grand scale.
Not rowdy or nasty like the leftist version, just quietly and unobtrusive as Americans go about their lives, ignoring autocratic rule.
The Anti-Americans, on the other hand will probably be too drunk, high and hoarse from screaming their lungs out to be much of a bother.


Good. I just want to make sure people in all states do defend themselves from the onslaught of idiocracy.


Those who don’t vote can’t complain


The wife and I voted last Monday. The California influence in Texas is growing. That’s why I have my shirt as my avatar.


Since the members of Congress take an oath to honor and uphold the U.S. Constitution, maybe they should have to pass a test on the Constitution before being allowed to take office.
If they fail, and plenty of them probably would, then it’s no dice.
They can’t take their place in the Congress.


Watch what he says to Maher.


I believe those who don’t vote or contribute to society are the biggest complainers! Damn libtards!!


I have long maintained that that those whose sole source of sustenance is government welfare-type programs, should not have the right to vote for those who promise to take more from those of us who contribute taxes.
This would be a modification of the original constitutional eligibility to vote where you had to be a property owner.


Thanks for a happy trip down memory lane, the voters have held off the ignorant politicians who still keep making the same attempts to restrict all the cartoon guns. Without voting smart, we can assure the ignorant politicians will have jobs.


I would want to deport anyone that doesnt love this country and live by its constitution. Plenty of places in this world have socialism they are looking for. Go there, leave USA to the rest of us.


I think we are past the point where there should have been a Civics test for members of Congress. Now, some of them can’t even answer simple questions about a bill they just sponsored.

I managed to go by and vote early, last week. Got lucky and only had about 3 people in front of me. Cars were lined up to turn into the parking lot, when I left.