Po Boy budget can


Black Ace tactical gave us the opportunity to give their Po Boy a spin. Have to say a suppreshot that cost less then the tax stamp it performed rather well. Adequate suppression, repeatable poi shift and groups rather well. It does have its down side but for a budget can we liked it! Check out the video


We put it up against several other cans. They are quiet… biggest drawback is the weight. Bloody heavy.
Takes a gorilla to get them apart the first time, but after that, not to bad.
Their 30 cal can is louder than most cans… but, it does do well for those super heavy barreled 338 Lapua rifles.


Yeah that was my biggest thing with it. It’s a brick but performed so good. We was wondering about poi but time and time again we removed it and grouped the same area everytime. For 200 I’d say people get their money’s worth and more


I have zero issues… well, sort of. We were one of the first to get a bunch. First 4 came in rusty. Being made in Florida they were not preheating the cans before they were cerakoting them. So the moister was coming through once sent out. They took care of that issue for us at least.
When a customer comes in and asks what can they should get for cheap… we hand them a po Boy and then a yankee Hill… yeah, we sell more Yankee Hill cans that way.


It’s a solid can for the money, I was impressed with it for the price.Po Boy Suppressors Affordable Silence


No doubt about that. The 556 is really quiet. The 30 cal can is a bit noisy, but it works. The weight is the only real big issue with the cans.
If you have a heavy barrel, and are on a bench or prone, all is good. I would not grab one to just run around out in the woods though… because soon you will not be running, you will be panting and out of breath. :grin:


I hear that lol tbac for running in the woods :wink:


Have you guys had any time with the Stinger Worx suppressors yet? Love the one we have.


Unfortunately we have not. Maybe one day tho. It seems everyone that post them loves how they perform!


They are VERY light, and quiet. The hunter is even lighter but cannot go full auto… bolt gun only.