Pocket Dump, (What are you Carrying Today.)


So i was playing with my camera today and decided to do a pocket dump. curious to see what you guys are carrying today.


I don’t want to play


@Robert LMAO i like that one.



The gun isn’t technically in my pocket. Not shown is the phone I took the picture with.

I need to oil this gun, apparently.


Two SAO & a striker, nice

Well, DAO I guess


yep, the Shield is DAO



I don’t care what’s in my pockets - I care about this as my latest addition!


@brianpurkiss Congrats when did you get married brother.



I carry a full size M&p a lot as well


Thanks. 9mm 17+1


This is the best I can do at work (“no firearms allowed”) not even in my company vehicle :roll_eyes:. When I am not at work I always have either my M&P shield 45 performance center, or it’s baby brother the 9mm.


4 days ago.


Nice Congrats to you and the Mrs,


Congrats! Please tell me you are not posting on here during your honeymoon.


I am, but She’s putting on her makeup right now.

So I’m just sitting around waiting…


OK, I guess that’s OK then. Carry on.


Same old switchpod. Same old EDC.