Pocket pistol & caliber suggestions

My boss was looking for suggestions for a pocket sized pistol that’s going to be affordable and reliable and what caliber some suggestions would be nice fellas and Ladies

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J frame 38, no brainer


Ruger LCP.


Or any small .38sp wheelgun.

NAA .22 WMR wheelgun


9mm all the way.

I’d still recommend hip carry though. The draw is much faster and with a good holster and belt it’s very easy to conceal, even with tucked in shirts.


Note: I recommended those for POCKET carry only. Once we talk about other carry methods these change.


He’s set on pocket carry. I’ve given him a larger compact he can wear on the hip but he’s looking for one to conceal in his pocket during work hours

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Wow, great ideas everyone! I’m a little out of touch on the subject for I 've only got experience with full size mainly.

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He was showing me a highpoint .380 online from cheaper than dirt. I said um, no!! Let me ask my friends on the forum! That thing was too bulky & fat & crap for the pocket in my opinion.

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Any particular brand to look at?

The ruger lcp . 380 is reliable? (Jamming, etc)

@brianpurkiss 9mm in what platform would you suggest?

Never used it. I’ve just heard it fits well in ones pocket. If it were me I’d stick to a wheelgun if going in someone’s pocket.

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J frame 38 is S&W

I’m a fan of the pretty ones

but +p is a blast


That’s beautiful! He just need something that he can reach past his beer belly to grab if he needs it. Lol

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I have the LCP II with the factory 7 shot magazines (bought separately). With the 7 shot mag, it weighs 11.1 ounces empty (mag inserted).

It is extremely reliable (especially considering it is a .380 - a caliber with too many guns that are ammo finnicky and/or just flat out unreliable).

Despite its very light weight, it is fairly easy to shoot at self defense distances (max 7 yards). And, it is inexpensive (I bought mine for $269).

Definitely worth considering. But, keep in mind, it is just a .380, so he may want to get a primary CCW in a more powerful caliber, such as .38 spl. But, almost for certain, the .38 spl handgun will weigh more and might even kick a bit more.

I have pocket carried my Ruger LCR (.357 mag version, but can fire .38’s). It is just over 17 ounces empty and works pretty well.


beautiful guns, Robert.

Maybe a little too heavy for extended pocket carry, though.

Ok for short walks, though.

Thanks John. I’ve heard rumors that .380 tended to be unreliable in autos years ago. Was unsure if that was still the case with modern firearms. Good feedback, thank you.

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You are welcome, LonewolfMcQuade.

The reliability has gotten some better, so I think nowadays, it is more about grip and ammo pickiness.

For example, my Walther PPK will not reliably feed FMJ FN bullets (brand does not seem to matter). However, I have had no issues feeding them thru my LCP II. In fact, I have never had a jam on my LCP II with any ammo.

NB: FMJ FP (aka FMJ truncated cone), works very well in my S&W M&P .40’s and the Kahr MK40 (I used to have). So, don’t know how it would work in every .40 handgun, but it is great for the range ---- bigger holes!

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So what does he do for work?
Higher or lower risk than his normal daily “around town” travel.
My thinking is if it’s lower risk a .380 might be ok as a “get out of danger fast” option. But if higher risk…?

Do you know why the need for pocket carry only? Does he holster carry around town?

Don’t mean to bombard you or him with questions, it’s just I figure the bigger the caliber and more capacity you can is better than small and almost enough.


“What does he do for work?”
Besides get on my nerves, not much!..
I pretty much do & handle everything. Sometimes he stays after hours to do a little paperwork or participate in our rebuilders forum/meeting that he’s on the board of. I can’t get him to carry regularly, I think it’s primarily to have on him if I’m not present & he’s alone there.

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