Podcast Name Ideas?


@Tactical_Reviews and I are working on getting a podcast going, and we’re quite excited about it. He used to do one and I’ve wanted to do one for a while, so here we are.

It’ll be a weekly podcast with live shows and recordings for those who can’t make it live. We’ll talk about guns, technique, gear, and the 2nd Amendment.

But we need a name!

Help us out!


The firing line

Off the range

Down zero


The Dan and Brian show. :grinning:

Hmm, how about combining those a bit like off the line.


Do that, or combine those

heres some options with those letters

none jump out at me


Ya, none of those help.


“The Odd Couple”


One in the chamber

Buckshot Boys

Gun Guys



You mean you don’t like the name War Bonnets?!?

I don’t know if I want to do the podcast anymore…


You can likely get Dan to wear one, hell if you both do the name would be


How does “Range Talk” sound?

I used to be gun talk. I still have a FB page and group called gun talk, how not to be a moron. I also have guntalk.news for a while. But gun talk TV registered the name and I lost it. I was bummed because I had been using it for years before they came along.


“The Chamber”
“The Breech”
“Locked & Tactical”
“Get a Grip”
“Lead Slingers”

Sorry, that’s all I got. I’ll try to think of more. Tired today.


If they don’t take this one I might!!


I like “Get a Grip”


I must admit, get a grip kind of made my giggle.


Drop your socks and grab you Glocks. :thinking:


Suuuuuure, take the one I liked!


If it was just about Glocks it could be “Glocked and Loaded”


The Firing Line is taken.
So is Guntalk.


What about:

Pew Pew Talk

Or maybe:

The Weekly Full30 Dan & Brian Gun Stuff Talk Show