Was out playing a little pokemon with my wife today and stopped to do a raid battle. It was a group of about a dozen people standing under a tree in the shade. All of a sudden, I hear this voice behind us bitching up a storm, filled with profanity about those Effin pokemoners are here again, look that god darn dog is digging a hole, Eff those A holes. We all look over and a mini van is driving past and the passenger is yelling out the window. I may have said something back followed by my wife telling me to shut up. Well, the van parked and out slid a rather large woman, still yelling followed by slamming the door very hard. Still yelling as she slothed over to open the rear hatch. We all kind of looked at each other and said. lets cross the street. So we did. As we walked she was still yelling and clearly not pleased. At this point my wife telling me to shut up went out the door. I calmly said you need to calm down, you should try playing pokemon, it’s very relaxing. I thought she might calm down with that, I was wrong. She became more upset and started to use more profanity. I thought, was it something I said. Hmm, so I said you should ease up on the profanity, ya, that didn’t help. I then said way to be a good example to your children. It seemed no matter what I said she just got more upset. This is where I should have just stopped, but you know me.

When it came time to leave, she was still yelling. We went off to the next raid batter which was about a mile away. One of the players stayed behind to catch his, he had four phones. When he caught up to us he said she was still yelling about me when he left.

My work here is done.



I don’t understand what I just read… :neutral_face:


I yelled at a fat lady once, b**** flipped out because I bought the last bit of deli food and would not give her any. Her husband eventually got in my face when I told her I was doing her a favor and she should try a salad. I tried not to fight but I dont like being bullied into giving up something I paid for.


I don’t understand what I just read. :neutral_face:


It’s OK, the lady didn’t make much sense when she was yelling. I just tried to calm her down, not sure what I did wrong.


best thread ever :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I was concerned, I bet she’s still upset. Some of the other players said they were going to go back and stand outside her house, you know, to make sure she’s OK. I mean, when you’re that much over weight, and that upset, who knows what could happen. Wish I had filmed it, but I was playing pokemon so couldn’t turn on the camera.


This isnt live action Pokemon, is it? I heard Michael Vick tried that and ended up behind bars.


Forgive my ignorance but is this that Pokémon go stuff from a year or so ago? Didn’t know anybody still did that.


A lot of people still play, just not like it was when it first started


Huh. Who knew.


I havnt played Pokemon since 6th grade…with a big ass gameboy or actual cards.


Not me, I’m guessing its the gps game?


I should have asked if she wanted a snickers bar.


Or a slimfast…


Back in the day when I wanted to see something that really wasn’t there I just took acid.