Police: Man unloading gun shoots, kills teen in New Castle



Thats tragic :pensive:


1:30 a.m ?


That is a terrible incident.
All guns are loaded and never point the muzzle at something you are not willing to destroy.


Three questions.

  1. Why were teenagers out at 1:30am at night?
  2. Who were they there to “meet”?
  3. What is a 19 year old “man” doing with a stolen weapon?

I have my assumptions and theories about this whole situation. But all I’ll say is I’m willing to bet 99.99% the story is fabricated. At least partially.


Muzzle, muzzle, muzzle.

But in this case the weapon was stolen so we’re not expecting brainy firearm handling.


It happens all over. Stupid is as stupid does.


Hmmm, too bad that girl didn’t nick an artery…




Tragic, indeed.

Clearly, there were several things wrong with this picture, as others have already highlighted. But, what happened to the rules of assuming a gun is always loaded and not pointing the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy or kill?

Since the perp greeted the 15 yr old at the door with a gun in his hands (yet another big no no), you have to wonder if the shot was either intentional, or acceptable to the shooter.