Polish AKM build update

Well today I want to provide you with a nice little update. It’s been awhile since I posted here and a few things have changed along the way. Some of you may remember when I posted my little parts kit plus the tools I was going to use. I thought this little new update would illustrate some photos that I have taken and the work I’ve done so far. This is a Polish akm using re-creator blanks receiver, ALG ultimate trigger, TDI arms M-LOK lower handguard, @switchpod custom muzzle break. all around a wbp 2018 virgin parts kit with a pre-populated.

The pictures and a few videos that I have made for this post will show you the process in which I put together this a gay. I know I am missing some furniture but that’s is all in due time. It was a fun building pakistan I found a fellow enthusiasts to give me a guiding hand on putting this little puppy together. Be my first bill I was pretty nervous but after showing me the ropes on a few steps it became fairly easy. Also helps to have a saw filing tool.

I glade that all of you tag along with me on this builders journey and hopefully more to come with future builds. @ZEKESHOOTS @switchpod @LonewolfMcQuade @Comanchero45 @Ablokestwocents

A nice overview. At the last minute I left out the RS-Regulator side rail mount for this one.

Time to go to work.

Pressing out the barrel pin. Showed me the feel for the press and knowing when to ease off.

Then we put the barrel out. “I was overly nervous, He showed me the steps and then I had to do it.”

Some wonderful rivet smashing. on the trigger guard.

The front and rear trunnion came out nicely

Popped the barrel pin back in and did a no go/go test on it and it was ready.

I guess all of you have been waiting now after reading my little post about the videos. Well here you go.

The springs were really tight, “I know I short stroked it” :joy:

Watch out Garand Thumb :ak47:


Looking nice!
How is the quality of the machining and stamping ect of the components?
They look to be pretty nice.


świetny! That trigger feels good just by watching it. :+1:


Great build, very interesting to see the process!


Awesome!!! I love it!!!


I would have to say that re-creator blanks why are one of the best receivers I have seen. Volume at Fashion with Top Notch and the owner is a very methodical in his execution of his projects. Even with other component remakes they are well surpass the Surplus we always see coming into the states. Every marking was correct and precise. Be on a mass production stamp it out, good enough for government work type stuff. Also for the price it’s superb.


I have good news and more good news. After cleaning off the threading on the muzzle of my rifle. Your muzzle brake goes on nice and clean. A nice tight fit and it looks good. Also i’m going to do some video at the range in the outdoors.

The range is now open again and it has a over covering shade above the shooting stand so I can record the full action Plus make myself look good lol. :sunglasses:


I’m currently suffering from the ak-builder syndrome and I have plans to build more. Currently I am looking at a 74 kit on the market and I want to change the barrel out to 556. Which means I got to get a virgin barrel and go through the process of that. Maybe a PSL in the future as well


@MikeBlack47 thanks for the update on this project I’ve been thinking about @switchpod muzzle device

Be careful brotha when you build your first ak
They tend to fill up the safe pretty quickly

My friends and I joke they multiply like rabbits

I’m glad you found another builder in your area
That always helps
How did your head spacing go?
I’m looking forward to the range report


Very nice! Cool to see the process…thanks for keeping me in the loop on this project!


Great work bud l, keep us posted!!


The head spacing was really easy the kit came pre head space but we punched the barrel out and rivet the front trunnion. after that we got the gauges and redid the head space.


That’s par for the course brotha
I’m glad you were able to build a rifle
The first one is a hella of a experience


It sure is especially when you’re trying to do rivets perfectly. With a little reassurance in a Keen Eye to when I had to press the front trunnion rivets in. It came out really nice and very professional. Giving some manufactures a run for their money