Polishing a turd


Got a day off finnaly to start a side Job
Polishing a turd


Looks nice from here.




It’s just a painstaking process




Whats wrong with it, besides being made in Brazil?


It’s a Taurus that speaks for itself
The owner initially wanted just a polishing
Now it’s going to be rebuilt


Finished a rebuild on this one last night


Is that a Taurus?


No lol


Looks nice.


It was a gi issue
I had to radius the frame tang and blend the grip saftey
And generally fit every new part


It might sound blasphemous but I think 1911s look alot better with no front slide serrations.


I like both
I guess it’s just the way there done for me
Sometimes they look tacky


Getting there


She came out mighty fine


Great work!


Polishing a turd you call it.
Came out real nice.
I sure wouldn’t mind carrying that turd.


That turd is nicer than my current handguns :open_mouth:


15 hours over 2 days for a 100 bucks
Guys lucky he’s like my kid
I think he wanted a mirror shine but I’m not spending a week doing that for a 100 bucks