Political correctness


It is simply disgusting, today’s political correctness



So what did they say that made the news (whether it should have, or not)?


Hmmm. Ok, I guess I can do some digging, but is it really worth the time?

My guess - no.


Digging for truth is the norm now. Best to just get some pocorn and watch everything fall appart from the comfort of home. Best rule of thumb: Chances are if its common sense, its not PC.


I’m pretty disgusted but not at all surprised the far left ABC had that stance and took that action.

Let’s name the only shows I’ve watched on ABC the last 20 years.

Last Man Standing … cancelled
Designated Survivor … cancelled
Roseanne … cancelled

Hmm guess we have no need for ABC in this household! Well frankly we don’t really watch much that isn’t on Netflix or Amazon anyway. Regular cable channels and the major networks have all gotten pretty liberal and intolerant to actual real red blooded Americans so I suppose it is a moot point. :cowboy_hat_face:

More reason to have some land to shoot and build things on to pass the time.


This is why we cancelled tv. Netflix, hulu, amazon. Thats all anyone really needs. Hulu streams all major events for free anyways.


I have Netflix sometimes, I mostly buy dvds and bluerays of both tv shows and movies, I’m at over 1000 so far. I’ve downloaded some too , I hate all the propaganda everywhere.


I’m preparing to fight skynet ,my printer got the 5.56 treatment.


I cut cable 3 years ago, I got 36 channels with hdtv antennas. I do pay internet, which I run thru my ps4 , I got Tubi tv which is a free movie app, damn good. Instead of paying $200 a month for a few hundred channels just to find nothing on, I pay $0 to flip through 36 channels just to figure out there ain’t a damn thing On! Leaves me $200 a month for new guns & ammo. Works for me


I got a premium membership on pornhub just to watch gun videos.


Ok I believe you what every you say just stick to that story.


Think my old lady will go for it? I dont want to end up sleeping in the car.


Did not know you could get em to removed categories. It makes no difference to me because its at the bottom. I don’t scroll that low. Its when they launch the " self Identify" category that I’ll have to start calling around.


I’m close to canceling Netflix anyway. Their content is really starting to be left wing and too “alternate lifestyle” for me and my wife and a lot of other shoes not original to Netflix are not being brought back from other networks because of their own streaming service. But sadly the main reason I want to cancel is trivial to most. That auto play after 5 seconds thing drives me up the wall.


This preview to auto play cannot be switched off. It’s all over the internet how annoying it is. Netflix had said they are not changing it. I suspect it is a method they use to inflate viewership numbers since an auto play counts as a view.


Have you seen where the Obamas just signed a $50M deal to produce their own content?
I don’t do Netflix and won’t now for sure.



Absolutely disgusting. That might be the nail in the coffin.