Those morons wouldn’t know the difference between an assault weapon and a bubble wand.


2025 prediction; baseball bats keep outside of ballparks will need to be registered with FBI Field offices.


You would think these law makers would have access to the same information we have. I mean, really, the FBI clearly lists 403 total rifle deaths in 2017 on table 20. When you consider that AR15s make up about 20% of rifles, that suggests that 81 total deaths in 2017 were from the AR15. Now, don’t get me wrong, every death is a problem, but 81 people in a nation of ~328 million is a bit small. A google search shows that on average, 100 people die each year choking on ball point pens.


They do, but when has facts and truth ever been what a politician uses, much like common sense and politicians being used in the same sentence.


The general public is lazy, they can’t be bothered with verifying what they’re being told.


100% the problem. Especially with 99% of the information being disseminated to them is from biased liberal/left wing sources. Even Fox news is now starting to go more center / center left. People won’t think and research for themselves because they are lazy fucks who want to focus on how they are perceived on social media (eg. because they are narcissistic).


And the perception is thinking for yourself may be catchy, so stay clear of those who do it



I am hoping you are kidding about thinking for yourself.

It is the sheep (sheeple), who DON’T think for themselves, that are leading our country into ruin.


Of course of course of course,

I was just kidding, so long as you papers granting permission to think for yourself, then you are free to do so




Papers? scissors, I win.


Damn you Tactical scissor hands!


Deadly weapons man.


Well but you see, reading those facts would require people to…you know…research and read. It’s much easier and comfortable to just take in whatever the media is screeching about.

I actually had someone comment recently that “my truth isn’t your truth, so all guns should be banned.” I told them there is no “my truth” and “your truth” - only “truth.” They went all caps-lock on me and called me a liar.

Anyways, thanks for watching my video guys! <3


People are kind of lazy. They would rather believe what fits their mindset, than to research something that might disprove it. It’s sad, but true.

Also, welcome to the forum. I sent a message to @full30nick last night to see about getting your channel approved here.


Welcome @LibertyDoll great to have you here at Full 30!!!
Big fan of your channel


Blessed be the Anarchist.



Really enjoyed your video.

Welcome to Full30. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos.


Because he shall inherit the land!


Fuel for the fire of this Bill; the CDC and American Medical Association have joined hands to declare that “firearms deaths” are an National official health risk. This is called “white coat authority” abuse. Somebody in authority ( With badge/uniform /white coat) told them so. No, I don’t despise all doctors.

The SAME white coated folks distributing the Big Pharma poison helping to kill about 180 verified Americans, EVERY day. Now, those are just the VERIFIED opiod OD deaths. There are PROBABLY about another 25-300 per DAY which went improperly identified as a different causation.

It’s time we get our own set of “white coats” other than Uncle Ted, Wayne La Pierre, etc… This is not a drill, nor an opening to debate Ted’s background please…