“You would think these law makers would have access to the same information we have.”
Of course they do.
But they have an agenda that does not include the private possession of weapons.
They want to turn the USA into the same kinds of places our ancestors ran away from.
We have met the enemy.



why do you think they typically refer to it as “gun control” ???

Because they really are more concerned about controlling people and are just using their interests in guns to do it.


SO, you have to ask yourselves, why does a group of Doctors label a statistic set in homicides as a “national health crisis” when the homicides have NOTHING to do with health matters?

It’s a red-herring from the real homicides pertaining to Big Pharma and what happens at Hospitals and clinics every day and every hour; theft of pharmaceuticals and over-prescribing of pharmaceuticals. They need this red herring to distract away from their own criminal activity; that gets their Medicare/Medicaid funding eliminated.

It also eliminates their trips sponsored by Pfizer, et al, to the Bahamas/Mexico/Paris…the truth is stranger than fiction folks. Let’s not let their lies manage our lives.


What i am wondering is… what will be the spark that sets it all off?
It is not just gun control…
Washington State passed a law a few months ago that requires all drivers with 10,000 gross weight or more to have a CDL… really?
My son drives for a living, has one. He is laughing his ass off at all the guys with 3/4 and 1 ton trucks now.


Good question.

We’ve already had people killed over it. LE agencies refusing to enforce it. What’s next?

IIRC, New Jersey had an AWB of sorts for magazines go into effect January of 2017 or '18, LE refused to enforce what was supposed to be a door-to-door confiscation.