Poll (kinda/sorta)


I do realize I may be skating on thin ice here as these guys are considered controversial, but who would be in favor of adding James Yaeger and Nutnfancy to the Full30 network? Y’all gotta admit the least their stuff is actually interesting to watch.

Perhaps one of the existing content creators could elaborate on whether they have been approached or not? Tim, you for instance?


I find Nutnfancy kinda ok and good, just have to ignore his attitude sometimes. :slight_smile:


I may be wrong on this but I think FULL30 is pretty much a gun site. James Yeager may fit that model, strictly speaking. Nutnfancy is a gear reviewer that also happens to review firearms (his words more or less), so he may not be a good fit. Regardless, (and I may be wrong yet again), Full30 is by invitation only, so even if either of these two gentlemen wanted on, they would only be able to do so if invited. Both may have ruffled enough feathers over the year that I don’t think they would get an invite. That being said, I would like to see more people from the Youtube side coming over here.


He’s a retired officer and pilot. It comes with the territory. LOL


I’d love to see both James Yeager and Nutn on Full30. then I’d have no reason to go to YouTube at all.



A lot of folks are annoyed by his attitude. I find it to be just his personality, he doesn’t annoy me at all. I like him, he’s a smart, intelligent guy.


I disagree. Skinnymedic, Mrgunsgear, Sootch00 and USMCHoss do alot of gear reviews as well. Nutnfancy would fit in just fine. I’d like him (and Yaeger) to be invited to Full30. They just have a personality and aren’t so boring. Yaeger is very macho, an aggressive dude etc but he’s actually an intelligent guy. Listen close to what he says and how he transmits his information. He is very good in the dedactics realm. He would be a very good school teacher and father, also because he has solid values. I like his tough, honest and no-nonsense approach.


Exactly that!


I’m often surprised by the difference between his YouTube “persona” and his teaching “persona.” Based on his normal videos on his channel, you’d be excused for thinking he’s… well… kind of a jack-hole.

I’ve you’ve ever taken a course with him, or seen videos of him instructing, he’s completely different: he’s calm, patient, and seems like he’d be a really good instructor. See here (beware, it’s 45 minutes long):


Yeah, im aware of that… :slight_smile:


Ye I can agree on that. Its Nutn’s personality… Myself im not usually really compatible with people of this attitude, but… I enjoy his videos anyways. Lot of spot-on informations, solid advices and so on…


That’s what I said: good in the didactics realm, would be a good teacher/father etc. I’m kinda busy right now but I’ll get back to you on the vid. Promised.


What’s wrong with his attitude? I agree he acts a little teen for his age sometimes, but other than that?


You make a good point. I was myopic in my reply. Nutnfancy doesn’t bother me most of the time as long as you look past his officer/Pilot personality. I’m sure Mr. Yeager is a smart man, I just don’t like his presentation. I tried to give him a chance but he’s just not for me. Not saying he doesn’t have a place on this channel. There is a reason he is as big of a channel as he is. Different strokes for different folks. I’m sure there are many who would say the same thing about The Yankee Marshal and Never Enough Ammo.


Ok, as promised: my reply to your posted vid. First of all, it’s a very nice and heart warming video. Thumbs up. Second, just like I said earlier who would make a very good father/school teacher because he’s a stand up, honest guy, values are important to him and he’s very socially engaging and apparently goes to greath length to help and to listen to other people. That is indeed the conduct of a Christian. I enjoyed watching this video a whole lot. Thanks!


Sure. I for instance don’t like TYM because he strikes me as too comical, it’s purely the presentation. I don’t have time to watch all the gun channels that are out there nor do I know all of 'em.


I enjoy most of Nutn’s videos. Not so much the knife videos or the car videos but I like his gun and philosophy videos.

Yeager… F that guy.


I used to watch nutn regularly but his constant hate of think tanks(forums and their ideas) and who’s facts are better really bugged me.

I don’t know yager personally but his videos put me off.

Sootch is cool but I don’t sub, same with Mr guns and gear.
I don’t watch many channels, iv8888, Mac, hickok45, funker(when they have something worth to me watching), Jerry michulek, Vickers…

Many like nutn I don’t sub regularly but if it’s in my recommendations and looks interesting I’ll give it a watch but you better bet I’m skipping a through the video.

My main annoyance with nutn is the patches everywhere.


He’s a bit of a self promoter indeed, but on content he’s spot on. He never spreads nonsense, is honest and will tell you if something is worth buying or not. Then again, who has time for his 50 minute vids! :smiley:


There is certainly no doubt you are getting exactly what he thinks on things, whether you agree with him or not.


Has anyone see this channel called Gatanf Thumb?

I’ve seen a few videos by this guy and he’s very level headed, very knowledgeable and I think his newer videos are of good quality.

I’m starting to watch some of his older videos and they started out as average guy just messing around it seems.

The guy has some good stuff and can see him going far.

Not sure if the link will work.


Nutnfancy is not enough of a gun guy to be on Full30 IMO. He has videos on raising daughters and he doesn’t even have one. I find him hard to take seriously, and I would be kinda disappointed if his stuff started showing up here.

I am not in favor of adding either one of them.