Polymer 80 build instructions!

In an effort to use the God given freedoms one has I set out on a journey to build my own “Glock” style pistol from a P80 kit. Now recently the ATF raided their location and confiscated much of their products with no just cause.
In support of P80 I made a step by step 2 part build video and a challenge at the at the end against Glock, shadow systems and another personal build the Nintendo zapper in 10mm.

I want to see some of your own builds if you don’t mind showing them. Mine for all intents and purposes is pretty standard but sometimes that all you need.


I buit these w/ a hand powered drill and a pocket knife.
G17&G23 clones


Those are awesome! Where did you get those slides? I like that look.


The 17 is a lone wolf I bought of EBay. The 23 is a Glock 23 upper I bought off GunBroker a few years ago. Someone bead blasted the black finish off it. I was shooting the 23 upper on my G19 lower before I built the lower when I wanted to shoot 40’s


Yes! Subscribed. Thanks for putting these up on full30. I’m interested in building my first Polymer80.


That’s awesome! I really like them! You’re giving me mor ideas that will cause me to spend money😭


That’s awesome! I did my best to make the process as clear as possible for anyone to follow. Please update us when you get yours up and running.


Will do! I just ordered my very first Polymer80 frame - a G19! Now to look for all the rest of the parts.


lookin good sir.


Yeah but no log 🪵 in this video. That’s just extra points.


Just a few notes:

That must be an old stock frame kit you used. They no longer color the front rail system black and they no longer come with the mill bit.
If you’re not drilling pin holes with a mill, drill holes from each side. Runout will screw the holes up bigtime.
It appeared you installed the slide lock backwards. The groove faces the rear. The slide can potentially shoot off the front of the gun during live fire recoil and it can cause battery issues if installed incorrectly. I know it functioned properly, but I would check and correct if necessary.
Looks like you didn’t get a proper locking block pin (the one above the trigger pin) or it was inserted somewhere else. The locking block pin is dumbbell shaped being slightly larger on the ends than in the center. Those outer ends are the same diameter as the pins that come in the frame kit, so it really shouldn’t cause an issue. Just something I noticed.
The trigger pin always goes in last. You will not have an issue with the slide stop lever spring if you assemble this way.
That’s about it off the top of my head. Glock recommends not oiling the recoil spring assembly, but I sometimes use a dry lube on aftermarket springs to eliminate squeaking. Your build came out very nice. I wish they all went as smoothly as yours…I wouldn’t be nearly as busy on reddit helping folks fix and troubleshoot their builds! To be fair though, there are a lot of people out there that are building the first firearm they’ve ever owned.


Thank you @Preyhunter