Polymer 80 SC build


My latest video looks like it will be more of a “this is why everyone uses a Dremel” video instead of a “this is how the directions tell you to do it” video.



What happened?


End mill that they send is too short for the Jig. I said screw it and milled that out anyway to see how bad things would get.

Polymer80 Tech Support has yet to get back to me on my request for comment.


Maybe I’m missing something, but the pic above is not a link to the video for me. And when I go on full 30 and search the ‘theroguebanshee’ nothing comes up either. How can I see the video?

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No video yet. still working on it.


Ah. Well that explains it!


Now that I cannot build a semi-auto in CA, all I want to do is build one.
You guys are not helping.


I have several of these that I have yet to start.
Thanks for the heads up. :+1:


For all the builds that you filmed and made me jealous…

I love the smell of curling metal coming off a 1911 frame going through my Matrix Precision rail cutter in the morning :slight_smile:
But seriously… I feel for you brother.


@ArmedEyeDoc just skip the mill bit and go directly to Dremel. I calculated out the speed of the end mill to be 7800 RPM, my drill press tops out around 3500 RPM. I got a lot of chatter and really wasn’t happy with the cut. I ended up finishing off with a Dremel anyway.


That is so ridiculous. “The right to bear arms shall not be infringed.” I guess that means something different in USS-Ca?


For that step of the process, use a dremel to rough it out, then a coarse round file to get it close, and finish it with sandpaper wrapped around a dowel or rod of appropriate size.

For the tabs on either side of the top of the frame, I use a dremel for a rough cut, then ‘whittle’ the rest off with a #1 exacto knife.


That is not the right jig for that frame. So yeah your using a jig that is made for a bigger gun.

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Actually. Their tech support says it is the correct jig. It is marked SC as well.

In my email to them I said that I thought there was a design flaw with the jig and that the frame was too small.

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I find that hard to believe, but if you called the manufacturer and they said it was the jig than hey what do I know. Looks like a Glock 26? I am in the process of building a Glock 17. I am just using a bastard file with sand paper for this part. :grin:


@klentz_12. Even better than calling… I have it in an email. I got another frame and it also has the same jig.

Yea it is a 26. I have the build video almost complete as well as the test firing video.