Polymer pistol thread


So what polymer pistol do you prefer? Why?

  • Glock
  • S&W M&P
  • H&K (specify model)
  • Sig p320
  • Beretta Apex
  • SA XD (M)
  • CZ P-07 series
  • Walther PPQ
  • Other (specify)
  • Not into “plastic” pistols

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These look cool, I am huge fan of IWI.


Upset VP9 didn’t get its own choice



I wanted to but HK has like 20 different pistol designs that are popular.


I’m not much of a gear head these days. Most everything is close to each other and will all go bang and hit the target.

I’ve seen factory glocks completely die (despite what the fanboys say), 1911s fail (regularly), people struggle with hitting the target with a high end 2011, spend $2,000 on a pistol and rarely go to the range… the list goes on.

On the contrary, I’ve seen skilled shooters blitz away faster and more accurately than me with Glocks, M&Ps, CZs, striker, hammer, DA/SA, SAO, and everything else.

Gear doesn’t make the shooter - skill does. I’ll shoot anything that I can get my hands on.

All that being said, my competition pistol is a P320 and my Carry is a PPQ or a Ruger depending on my wardrobe.


The American or SR9?


I have 3 pics VP40, FN all.40s, Glock 23


Glock. Because that is what I have :grinning:


Their .380. The LCR or LCP. I always forget which one, one is 9mm one is .380. It’s my least favorite gun to shoot, but it’s my “deep concealment” gun.


One of them is a revolver LCR the other one is a pistol LCP😉


In the poll its supposed to say ’ Beretta APX’ not ‘Beretta Apex’ :man_facepalming:


I like the Kahr line of pistols.


I liked the feel and features of the S&W M&P 9 Shield. Mine is without thumb safety.

It was down to a coin toss between that and the Walther PPQ - and then I thought about aftermarket accessories . . . like holsters, magazines, sights, etc. At the time the PPQ was relatively new and there wasn’t much available. So that made my mind up.

Also, in the Socialist Nation of NY I am limited to 10 round magazines. With MagGuts +2 springs and follower/cap inserts I can get there with the little Shield.


Glock 19 is the one I own for edc. I wanted a striker fire and after handling several other models I chose the Glock. It is the gen5 I bought this year and I have over a 1000 rounds through it without fail.


Glock because of the overwhelming use and aftermarket. I do want a walther ppq tho


An XD40 Service was my first love for pistols. But I do like my P320 nowadays.


My choice is the Ruger SR series.
Slim, manual safety, (for those who prefer one), very good trigger, good pointability, and plenty accurate.
And very affordable, especially when compared to others of this type.
What’s not to like?


I love my P80 g19


Love my P-Carry Witness , Like my XD40 , Liked the Kahr (Goldielocks gun) sold, Like my P80-19 (Stormtrooper gun) . But Glocks are hands down the easiest to work with and the OEM parts WORK !!! Nuff said !