poor homeless waif


bringing home a new member of the family


So kind of you to take in the homeless…:rofl:




I want. Can I sneak it across the border and avoid the RCMP and US Customs?


Thats the spirit


That’s the easy part
buying is the hard part - even though the firearms can be mailed direct to my door I still need to have a Firearms License - Possession-Acquisition to be able to transfer, look at it as every Canadian who has a PAL is a FFL with a lot more paperwork.
And by the way it’s here…


it even has the “new” gun smell

notice the calibre…

it’s one of those that shall remain nameless and a poor refugee from sanctions, guess they could have made “Made in China” larger.
But if you notice the country code - SUD - Sudan and was either a contract over run or surplus now.
oh and the manual comes with the obligatory spelling and syntax errors


I hate you. :wink:

But only in a friendly way. :cowboy_hat_face: Finding that pistol here is hard it seems.


and to add some vinegar - only $260US


This dude is standing behind me trying to tell me something.




Can I ask what exactly it is? Looks like a stubby P226 clone in 7.62x25… which I didn’t even know was a caliber until now.


It is a Norinco P762 chambered in the soviet 7.62 x 25 that was for the older tt pistols / pps smgs…Some parts are actually interchangeable with the sig but it’s more P226 to P762 than the other way.
Comes with two 17 staggered box mags.


Wish we could still get Norinco firearms. One of the best bang-for-your buck firearm companies out there.


I’ll help ease your pain . Summit gun broker has Star bm’s for $215


Haha. If only.